Active PA Speakers

Active PA Speakers

Active speakers, also known as powered speakers are the PA speaker industry favourites and have vastly overtaken the sales of traditional passive speaker rigs. It's no surprise, as they offer the convenience of onboard amplification, removing the need for a seperate power amplifier, and also the huge benefit of each speaker having its own dedicated power supply which greatly enhances bass response.

Benefits of active speakers are simple connections, built in features such as bluetooth audio and direct microphone and instrument inputs, with no worries about impedance mismatches between amp and speakers, and the inbuilt amplifier being exactly the right power output to get the very best from the speaker drivers.

Often with other onboard features like digital DSP tone shaping, input level compression and active digital crossovers, modern active speakers give you access to functionality that is not available using the traditional power amp and passive speaker setup without adding on expensive external digital processors and speaker management units.

Perfect for mobile Dj work, live music bands, social clubs, indoor and outdoor events and stage performances, the modern active speaker system is the professionals choice.


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