Bathroom Ceiling Speakers

As technology has evolved, audio systems now cover every room in the home and bathrooms are no exception to this.

Until recently, a typical bathroom speaker would have been a battery powered portable unit that generally had poor audio quality, low battery life, and a seemingly impossible mounting arrangement causing it to fall a lot!

Whether you enjoy a sing song in the shower or relaxing to some jazz in the bathtub, bathroom ceiling speakers are now a must have for new or existing bathroom installations.

The real benefit with today’s speakers is their slick in-built design allowing them to be tucked away neatly in the ceiling, blending seamlessly into the clean lines of today’s interior design.

They are purposely designed for the environment, simple to install, and offer fantastic audio quality for even the smallest of budgets.

Bathroom Ceiling Speakers


Our homes continue to become more sophisticated, thus Bluetooth and WiFi have fast become the most popular connection methods for most of our devices.

Bluetooth bathroom ceiling speakers are ideal for the environment because you can stream music and radio directly from your phone wirelessly, and you don’t need to carry your phone with you into the bathroom to do so.

With the ability to connect to smart home devices such as Amazon’s Alexa, or Google assistant smart speakers, you can play music from all popular applications like Spotify, muso, deezer and many more.


Additionally as smart audio and Bluetooth have become the norm, you can now connect your existing smart audio system to some Bluetooth bathroom ceiling speakers as part of a completely integrated audio solution for your home.

Traditionally the bathroom wasn’t a practical space for speakers because there isn’t an accessible power supply, and humidity would quickly deteriorate internal components.

Bathroom ceiling speakers have some differences to regular ceiling speakers in that they are completely sealed, preventing damage and maintaining their excellent sound quality.

Most bathroom ceiling speakers available require external amplification which can be located in a nearby room, but there are options for wall-mounted amplifiers which look great, and have the vital moisture resistances needed to operate in a damp environment.

Smart Audio for Bathrooms


The last choice to make when choosing your bathroom ceiling speakers is whether to opt for a mono pair or a single stereo speaker, and this choice is driven mainly by the size of your room.

Mono speakers require a left and right speaker to get full stereo sound so you need to have enough ceiling space to mount them which can be limited in a bathroom with lights and extractor fans all vying for ceiling space too.

Therefore a good solution is a single stereo speaker which has both left and right tweeters, giving you true stereo sound quality for half the ceiling space.

With the options available there is a solution to fit all needs and budgets, and our advice will guide you through the pros and cons of all what’s on offer. With the bathroom covered, there isn’t a room left in the house where you cannot enjoy your favourite tracks.

Audio installations is a leading supplier of installed home audio equipment, with more than 10 years of experience. Our brands include Power dynamics, Fonestar, Systemline, Adastra, Monacor, Tibo, RCF and clever acoustics.

We are always on the cutting edge of the latest technology to make your audio experience as enjoyable and simple as it can possibly be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put speakers in the bathroom?

Yes, there are specific speakers design for bathroom use, and they will each be protected against moisture to avoid getting damaged by steam. The most common type of bathroom speakers are in-ceiling units, which are installed in the ceiling and wired back to an amplifier where you can then pair your smart device or connect another audio device like a laptop or TV.

How many ceiling speakers do I need for my bathroom?

Most bathrooms will only need a single stereo moisture-proof ceiling speaker, although this does depend on the size of your bathroom and how loud you need the audio to be. If you have a larger-sized bathroom, you may benefit from a pair of bathroom ceiling speakers for the best sound.

Are shower speakers safe?

Yes! Any bathroom speakers that have been specifically designed for protection against water or moisture are completely safe for installation in the bathroom, as long as all set-up instructions are followed.

What bathroom speakers should I buy?

If you only want music to play at a reasonable volume level while you’re in the shower, some smaller bathroom ceiling speakers will suffice. If you require a higher volume level and want more bass reproduction, it would be better to go for in-ceiling bathroom speakers with bigger speaker drivers, such as 6.5” or 8” models.

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