Ceiling Speaker Systems

Ceiling Speaker Systems

Ceiling Speakers Systems

Pre-selected 100 Volt Line packages which include high quality amplifiers and ceiling speakers systems for installation.

Amplifiers from Adastras RM range coupled with fantastic speakers from Power Dynamics available in 5”, 6.5” and 8” designs to suit your available space and playback requirements offer amazing value and help keep costs down on a larger system.

We also have the amazing RCF coaxial design ceiling speakers paired with the high power RCF AM 1125 mixer amplifier for professional installation purposes. Perfect for restaurants, retail outlets, business premises and home audio installations.

For larger multiroom installations we have packages of 20 ceiling speakers system, which can be distributed into individually controlled ‘zones’ using one of our multi-zone capable amplifiers from Power Dynamics or Monacor which allows you play different music sources in your selected areas or rooms all from one location.

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