18 x 4″ Black Outdoor Speaker System With Paging Mic – 6 Zone Matrix


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18 x 4″ Black Outdoor Speaker System With Paging Mic – 6 Zone Matrix

For venues like restaurants and bars with garden terraces, this outdoor speaker system can be used indoors and outdoors at the same time. The included IP66 rated SONORA-4TN speakers, fitted with a waterproof grille, are guaranteed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Constructed with sleek, black plastic housing, they blend into any venue’s aesthetics for discrete placement.

Made with a four-inch woofer and ½-inch tweeter, they produce a full-range frequency response that picks up all aspects of background music to create an immersive atmosphere. Featuring multiple power taps and a 100V transformer, they can be arranged in a 100V line system with other speakers to be used across a large space and with the option to be used in multiple areas.

The MAZ-660RU from Fonestar in this outdoor music system consists of five channels that work in compatibility with various audio equipment. Two switchable line-ins can be used to connect either microphones or additional devices, such as mixers, allowing you to expand your commercial sound system.

With the available six-zone output terminals, you can easily use your outdoor speaker system in multiple areas at once. With the selector buttons, each zone can be addressed when needed and turned off from one location. These buttons available on each channel give you the option to play different music in every room.

The TM370 condenser microphone from Power Dynamics is ideal for tannoy announcements through systems such as this weatherproof outdoor PA system. The push-to-talk microphone automatically engages a pre-announcement chime that goes off before you talk. When connecting the TM370 to channel 1 of the MAZ-6600RU amplifier via the 6.3mm jack socket, you can pair this with the available talkover priority to mute music while talking in order to make professional announcements that are heard clearly.

This bundle offers perfect utility for a variety of purposes, most suitable for PA functions. Producing high-fidelity audio that captures all elements of background music, you can provide your commercial venue with an enjoyable atmosphere through multiple formats. The full-range speakers also highlight tonal aspects of your voice for clear and efficient announcements.

Package Includes:

  • 18x Fonestar SONORA-4TN Black Wall Speakers
  • 1x Fonestar MAZ-6600RU Matrix PA Amplifier
  • 1x PD TM370 Condenser PA Microphone
  • 2x Copper Speaker Cable Reel 100m

Key Points:

  • Outdoor speaker system supplied with weatherproof treated mounting brackets for easy installation and to angle the speakers into the space
  • IP66 rated speakers constructed with durable plastic enclosure and fitted waterproof aluminium grille
  • 4” polypropylene woofer and ½” tweeter distribute a defined blend of bass and high-end frequencies adjustable bass and treble levels with the amplifier’s tone dials
  • 100V transformer and 3.75W/7.5W/15W/30W power taps to use multiple speakers in-line with each other in 100V line systems
  • MAZ-6600RU matrix amp with six available zone setups with individual volume control options
  • Every channel can be used at once to play different music in each room using the selector buttons to choose the zone to have in use
  • 6.3mm jack microphone channel with talkover priority that mutes music as you talk, ideal for PA purposes in a commercial setting
  • Switchable line-in for connecting microphones or audio equipment through XLR or 6.3mmm jack ports, onboard 48V phantom power
  • Channel 4 with specific RCA inputs for DVD player, CD player and AUX connection
  • Headphone output with selector buttons to monitor each zone individually
  • Built-in MP3 player with FM radio to digitally tune into live radio broadcasts and offers automatic playback of audio files saved on connected USB sticks and SD cards
  • Push-to-talk condenser microphone engages a pre-announcement chime and has a red LED ring that illuminates when in use
  • Balanced XLR output offers strong signal connection, additional 6.3mm jack line-out to easily connect to the amplifier for using talkover priority
  • 2 year extended warranty


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