18 x 5.25″ White Wall Mounted Sound System Package – 6 Zone Matrix


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18 x 5.25″ White Wall Mounted Sound System Package – 6 Zone Matrix

This wall-mounted sound system package is perfect for a range of commercial venues and contains everything needed for easy installation. The system includes a multi-channel and multi-zone amplifier, 18 wall-mounted speakers, and the necessary cables for connection. It is ideal for large commercial venues such as warehouses, shop floors, and bars, and provides a multi-zone system and many ways to play audio.

A Fonestar MAZ-660RU amplifier is included with this wall-mounted speaker system, providing multiple ways to play audio. This is a multi-channel amplifier with various input channels, meaning much flexibility in the devices that can be used. There are 5 input channels ideal for connecting AUX and devices such as CD players. There is also an SD card and USB drive, ideal for playing MP3 files, and an integrated digital FM radio tuner, allowing you to stream countless radio stations. A remote control is provided to control the USB/SD/MP3/FM player for ease of use.

The Fonestar amplifier is also a multi-zone system, featuring six separate output terminals. This means that speakers can be set up in several rooms or areas across your venue, and each output zone has independent volume control. Moreover, it is possible to play different music from the input channels in each zone, allowing you to personalise the audio to suit each environment. You can also choose whether to play audio in all the zones at once, or in specific zones only.

The wall-mounted music system includes 18 SONORA-5TB wall speakers in white, guaranteeing high-quality audio in any commercial venue. Each speaker has a two-way design with a separate woofer and tweeter, ensuring excellent sound reproduction over a large area.

Furthermore, the speakers have a weatherproof IP66 rating, ensuring that they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. Due to their weatherproof treated aluminium grille, these speakers are protected against any dirt or rainfall damage. They also have a stylish and modern design, meaning that this wall-mounted sound system will complement any commercial setting.

Package Includes

  • 18x Fonestar SONORA-5TB Wall Mounted Speakers White
  • 1x Fonestar MAZ-6600RU Matrix and Multi-Channel Amplifier
  • 2x Core Copper Speaker Cable Black 100m

Key Points

  • Commercial wall mounted sound system
  • 18 weatherproof rated white wall mounted speakers
  • Features six output terminals, each with independent volume control
  • Multi-channel amplifier with five input channels
  • USB and SD drive to stream MP3 playlists
  • Free setup advice via telephone or email
  • 2-Year extended warranty


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