2-Zone Wall Mount Audio System – 4 x 6.5″ White Speakers


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Included in this wall mount audio system is the PRM240 amplifier from Power Dynamics. This mixer amplifier is a 6-channel unit with multiple line-ins and microphone inputs for announcement purposes. Featuring Bluetooth technology, you can pair an enabled smart device to stream audio wirelessly from any app or streaming service.

There is also an integrated USB/SD MP3 player on the PRM240 that allows you to connect a USB stick or SD card to play stored audio files, great if you have a set playlist that you want to play automatically. There is an easy-to-use LCD display menu with ID3 track information that shows track titles and length/time along with mode selector and track skipping buttons.

Designed especially for indoor and outdoor installation, this IP56 rated wall mounted music system is able to withstand different weather conditions thanks to their protective industrial coating layered on the bracket and aluminium grille. The white plastic housing is waterproof and has a modern, professional aesthetic that will look great in any setting.

The BC65V features a 6.5-inch polypropylene woofer and 1-inch silk dome tweeter that perfectly blend bass and treble for a full range frequency response. Its additional crossover function enhances the distribution of the frequencies to ensure the clearest possible output, with a distinct and defined audio performance.

With multiple power taps and a 100V transformer, it can be used in a multi zone system consisting of other speakers and attenuators. Its impressive output power of 150W guarantees that it will be heard from wherever it is placed, acting as an excellent source of background sound.

Including the PDVC100 volume attenuator controls, you can adjust the volume level of each zone separately within this background music system. By connecting from the speaker output on the amplifier to each attenuator, you can then connect 3 speakers to each box in order to control them independently. The PDVC100 attenuators have a stylish chrome finish with a rotary volume dial, providing a modern finish and simple-to-use functionality.

This wall mount audio system can be set up in two zones with the inclusion of two speaker pairs and two volume attenuators. Due to the speaker’s IP56 rating you can install the speakers both inside and outside, where the pivot bracket allows you to redirect and angle where the speaker is facing to enhance the dispersion of sound.

Providing high-quality sound from the woofer and tweeter, there is a wide range of frequencies available in order to provide the best quality background music to complement the atmosphere of your venue. With adjustable bass and treble dials on the amplifier, you are able to customise the overall output tone to match your preference.


Package Includes:


  • 4x PD BC65V 6.5” White Wall Speakers
  • 1x PD PRM240 6 Channel Mixer Amplifier
  • 2x PD PDVC100 100V Volume Attenuators
  • 4x PD Open Wire Speaker Cable 10m


Key Points:


  • Set up the wall mount audio system in two zones that can have separate volume levels/controls when you use the attenuators in line with the speakers and amp
  • PDVC100 volume controller has an 11-step rotary dial with a modern, chrome finish
  • White, waterproof plastic speakers with aluminium grille and weather-treated bracket have an IP56 rating making them usable outdoors as they can withstand various weather conditions
  • Pivotal bracket allows you to angle where the speaker is facing for optimising its dispersion and coverage, it can also be installed in vertical or horizontal alignment
  • A clear, defined sound performance is guaranteed from the two-way design speakers due to the crossover function that distributes frequencies to the woofer and tweeter
  • Amplifier has bass and treble dials to adjust the overall output tone to match your preference
  • 10W, 20W and 40W power taps with 100V transformer for using the speaker in a multi zone system with other speakers and attenuators
  • PRM240 amplifier is Bluetooth enabled to wirelessly pair your smartphone or tablet for streaming music/audio from websites and applications
  • The amp’s inbuilt MP3 player offers automatic and continuous playback of audio files/ playlists stored on inserted USB sticks and SD cards 
  • Two XLR mic inputs with optional phantom power to use condenser microphones
  • Voice-over priority (VOX) function is great for tannoy announcements as the microphone won’t activate until spoken into and will mute music while you talk 
  • Two 6.3mm jack input sockets that act as a microphone input or a line-in for audio devices, such as mixers, to be used alongside the bundle
  • Stereo RCA channels can be used for connecting devices like laptops, CD players and TVs, especially useful in bar/restaurant atmospheres
  • LCD display screen shows track information such as artist name, track title and length
  • 2 year extended warranty


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