4-Zone Matrix Wall Speakers Systems – 12 x PD BF80TW Black


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4-Zone Matrix Wall Speakers Systems – 12 x PD BF80TW Black

This wall speaker system provides high-quality audio in multiple different zones, or areas, of a venue or building at the same time, perfect for restaurants and warehouses. Including 12 wall mounted-speakers, a matrix power amplifier and a reel of speaker cable, this wall-mounted music system includes everything needed in order to install it.

The speakers included within this wall audio system are the BF80TB model from Power Dynamics. Their black finish helps them blend nicely into any environment, and their 2-way design ensures a wide frequency output. This design means that there is a separate woofer and tweeter driver within each unit that the frequency range of any audio is split between for efficient sound reproduction.

With the MAZ-6600RU amplifier from Fonestar included within this wall speaker system, you can connect multiple devices at the same time. There are switchable line and mic inputs available, each of which features independent volume control to achieve a perfect balance of audio from several connected devices.

As well as there being switchable mic and line inputs to connect several devices, each input channel features zone assignment buttons, allowing you to send certain audio signals to different areas of your venue. For example, if you only want music playing in one area of your venue, you can select that zone on the channel you have your audio source connected to.

Another way to play music through this wall-mounted sound system is by using the integrated MP3 player. There are USB and SD ports available, giving you the ability to connect a USB stick or SD card and play saved audio files, great if you have custom playlists that you want to play automatically in the background.

Package Includes

  • 12x Power Dynamics BF80TB Wall-Mounted Speakers Black
  • 1x Fonestar MAZ-6600RU Matrix Power Amplifier
  • 1x 2-Core Copper Speaker Cable Reel Black 100m

Key Details

  • Complete on-wall speaker system for background music and speech
  • 2-way speaker design for a wide frequency output
  • Switchable line and mic inputs with independent volume control per channel
  • Zone assignment buttons on each channel for focused sound output
  • Integrated USB/SD MP3 player with an LCD display menu
  • Free setup advice via telephone or email
  • 2-Year extended warranty

MAZ-6600RU Matrix and Multi-Channel Amplifier

  • POWER: 6 x 100 W RMS
  • RESPONSE: 80-18,000 Hz ±3 dB
  • DISTORTION: Harmonic: < 1% S/N RATIO, Microphones: > 65 dB, Aux: > 75 dB
  • INPUTS: 1 unbalanced mic., 6.3 mm jack, 5 mV, 2 balanced mics/lines, combo (XLR and 6.3 mm jack) 5 mV and 175 mV, switchable, 1 stereo TAPE/CD/AUX aux, 2 x RCA 220 mV, 150 mV, 110 mV, selectable, 1 stereo aux, 3.5 mm jack. 100 mV
  • OUTPUTS: 1 stereo monitor, 6.3 mm jack
  • CONTROLS: 6 zone buttons (1 to 6) for each input channel (2 to 5) and USB/SD/MP3/FM player
  • CHANNELS 1 to 4: volume control, bass and treble
  • ZONES 1 to 6: volume control, monitor selector, Monitor volume
  • PLAYER: USB/SD/MP3 player and digital FM tuner with preset channels and auto scan
  • PHANTOM: 48 V in mics 2 to 3, selectable
  • PRIORITY: Mic. 1 through signal level or contact closure, selectable

BF80TB 8-Inch Wall-Mounted Speakers

  • 2-Way Bass reflex system with crossover filter
  • 8″ Woofer and 1″ Silk dome tweeter
  • High power output
  • Weatherproof IPX5
  • Suitable for In- and Outdoor use
  • Adjustable rotary switch for 100V or 8 Ohm operation
  • Aluminium Grill
  • Including mounting bracket

MAZ-6600RU Matrix and Multi-Channel Amplifier

  • IMPEDANCE: 6 zones: 8 ohm and 100V and 70 V lines, screw terminals
  • POWER SUPPLY: 230/115 V AC, 1000 W maximum
  • DIMENSIONS: 481 x 133 x 341 mm depth. 3 U 19″ rack
  • WEIGHT: 17.5 kg
  • ACCESSORIES: FM antenna, Mounts for assembling in 19″ rack

BF80TB 8-Inch Wall-Mounted Speakers

  • Output power: RMS: 50W
  • Diameter tweeter: 1″
  • Diameter woofer: 8″
  • Tweeter type: Dome
  • Magnet type: Ferrite
  • Tappings power: 12.5W 25W 50W
  • Impedance: 100V 70V 8 Ohm
  • Frequency response : 60Hz – 20.000Hz
  • SPL 1W/1m: 93dB
  • IP rating: IPX5
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 250 x 280 x 415
  • Weight: 6.6
  • Accessories: Mounting bracket


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