5.25″ White Weatherproof Speaker Pair – Fonestar SONORA-5TB


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5.25″ White Weatherproof Speaker Pair – Fonestar SONORA-5TB

The SONORA-5TB units from Fonestar are a high-quality pair of passive weatherproof speakers that provide a wide frequency range and efficient power handling once connected to a suitable amplifier. With a sleek white finish, these outdoor speakers blend nicely into a variety of environments.

Featuring a 2-way design with a 5.25” woofer and 1” tweeter driver, these small outdoor speakers provide extremely accurate sound reproduction with a wide frequency range. Their design also provides a wide sound dispersion that makes them great for more open spaces like a warehouse or shop floor.

With a weather-resistant IP66 rating, the SONORA-5TB speakers are suitable to be installed in an outdoor area. Their aluminium grilles and polypropylene woofers keep them protected against damage from high-pressure water sprays and dirt damage.

Suitable to be implemented into small or large systems, these weatherproof speakers can be operated in 8-Ohm low impedance or 100V line modes. Low impedance operation is better for small systems with a fewer number of speakers, while 100V line operation is better suited for larger systems throughout an entire setting.

Including wall brackets, these outdoor speakers can be installed straight away. The wall brackets have a minimal design for a discreet look when installed, and they are rotatable on an X and Y axis, meaning you can angle the speakers perfectly for the clearest sound possible in your listening space.

Package Includes

  • 2x Fonestar SONORA-5TB Wall-Mount Speakers White

Key Points

  • Passive pair of outdoor speakers with a white finish
  • 2-way design that provides a wide frequency range
  • Weather-resistant IP66 rating for safe outdoor installation
  • Multiple power tappings to implement into any sized system
  • Included wall brackets that are rotatable
  • 2-Year extended warranty


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