6.5″ Black Wall Mounted Bluetooth Speakers – PD DS65MB 125W


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6.5″ Black Wall Mounted Bluetooth Speakers – PD DS65MB 125W

The DS65MB from Power Dynamics are a pair of wall-mounted Bluetooth speakers with a sleek black finish that blends nicely into any environment. With wireless technology and user-friendly functionality, this wall-mounted speaker system is perfect for background music and speech in commercial environments like restaurants, offices and waiting rooms.

Featuring a built-in Bluetooth receiver, this wall-mounted music system provides the ability to pair a smart device like a smartphone, tablet or laptop and stream audio wirelessly. This is ideal in a setting like a pub or office, as any member of staff can quickly and easily pair their device and play any music they like from any app, streaming service or website.

These wall-mounted Bluetooth speakers have a 2-way design with each unit having a separate woofer and tweeter driver. The frequency range of any audio is split between these drivers efficiently to ensure each driver is reproducing their respective frequency range effectively. The speakers are also equipped with bass reflex ports that add extra depth to the bass output, ideal for background music in more open areas.

With an RCA line input and 6.3mm mic input being available, this wall-mounted speaker system gives you the ability to connect various devices for audio playback. The addition of a microphone input makes these speakers perfect for public addressing and background music.

Another highly convenient way to play music through these wall-mounted Bluetooth speakers is by using the integrated USB MP3 player. This input option allows you to connect a USB thumb drive to the respective port and play any saved audio files on the drive, ideal in commercial settings to play saved playlists.

Key Details

  • On-wall active/passive speakers with a black finish that blends in nicely with any environment
  • Bluetooth technology to stream audio wirelessly from a suitable paired smart device
  • 2-way speaker design with bass reflex ports, providing a wide frequency output
  • Line and microphone inputs to connect various devices for background music and speech purposes
  • Built-in MP3 player with a USB port to play saved audio files on a USB thumb drive
  • Adjustable wall brackets included to install the speakers straight away
  • 2-Year extended warranty


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