6 x 5.25″ White Wall Mounted Sound System – Sonora-5TB


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6 x 5.25″ White Wall Mounted Sound System – Sonora-5TB

This wall mounted sound system includes 6 speakers, a power amplifier and the cables needed to connect everything together. Offering high-quality audio with user-friendly functionality, this wall mounted speaker system is perfect for background music and speech in commercial settings like a warehouse or restaurant.

Featuring an inbuilt Bluetooth receiver, the PRM360 mixer amplifier from Power Dynamics included in this kit allows you to pair a suitable smart device and stream audio from any app wirelessly. This is ideal for a setting like a warehouse or a restaurant, as anyone can quickly pair their device and play any music they like.

The speakers included in this wall mounted music system are the SONORA-5TB models from Fonestar. Each speaker has a 2-way design with a 5.25” woofer and 1” tweeter driver, ensuring extremely accurate sound reproduction. Their design also means that they disperse sound in a wide manner, ideal for large, open spaces.

Each input channel on the amplifier features independent volume control as well as zone assignment. With each channel being assignable to a different zone, you are able to play different music in different rooms from more than one device. You can also adjust the volume of each room, or zone, independently to achieve a perfect balance of sound.

Another way that this wall mounted sound system allows you to play music is the integrated MP3 player. By connecting a USB stick or SD card to the respective port, any saved MP3 files will be played in the order they are saved, perfect if you have custom saved playlists that you want to play automatically in the background.

Package Includes

  • 6x Fonestar SONORA-5TB Wall-Mounted Speakers White
  • 1x Power Dynamics PRM360 Mixer Amplifier
  • 1x PD Connex Speaker Cable Reel Black 50m

Key Points

  • Commercial on-wall speaker system for background music
  • Built-in Bluetooth receiver for wireless audio streaming
  • 2-way speaker design providing accurate sound reproduction
  • Independent volume control and zone assignment for each channel
  • Integrated USB/SD MP3 player with an LCD display menu
  • Free setup advice via telephone or email
  • 2-Year extended warranty


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