8 x 5″ Ceiling Speaker Kit – 4-Zone Wall Mounted Volume Control


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The CSPB5 ceiling speaker kit is an easily installed unit, with a durable ABS frame that fits flush against a ceiling for overhead sound production. The discrete fitting of these speakers can be done easily with their spring-loaded positioning clips. Their minimalistic design and practically flat grille surface make them nearly unnoticeable.

Its dynamic five-inch woofer has a full range frequency response capable of distinct midbass and defined high-end tones for a completed sound to hear all aspects of the music. This can become an efficient ceiling speaker system package as they have an integrated 100V line transformer. With 3W and 6W power tappings, you can connect multiple speakers together to produce high-quality background sound in different areas.

The PRM60 is a multi room amplifier, with six individually controllable channels that work in conjunction with a range of external audio devices. Featuring two XLR microphone inputs, two 6.3mm jack switchable line-ins and stereo RCA inputs, you can receive high-fidelity audio that will work efficiently as background music.

A built-in Bluetooth module means that you can wirelessly connect an enabled device for music streaming from websites and applications. Moreover, there’s an integrated MP3-media player that reads audio files from input USB sticks for uninterrupted playback.

A multi-zone 100V line system or low impedance system can be set up with this amp as it has specific speaker output terminals. Installing a multi zone ceiling speaker system will allow you to have speakers in different areas of a location that can be controlled individually for separate volumes in their zones.

There is a switchover feature to change the two jack sockets from a mic input into a line-in. It allows phantom power to use a condenser microphone. Additionally, it enables the VOX function so that the microphone remains active but doesn’t output until spoken into, which is a great feature for tannoy purposes in a commercial venue like a shop.

The PDVC12 attenuator is the perfect solution to controlling the volume of the speakers in a multi-zone 100V line system. With a power rating of 12W, it can connect two speakers that are power tapped at 6W in the system.

Fitted with a simple screw plug connection, you can use this in line with an amplifier and speakers to separately control the volume of one specific zone of audio. Volume can be adjusted in eleven steps/clicks with the front panel dial, which will raise and lower the sound and even mute the speakers.

This ceiling speaker kit provides the perfect utility for commercial venues, such as shops, restaurants and bars. Tannoy purposes can be utilised with the amplifier’s voice over function, however their main purpose is for providing background music to create atmosphere in a space.

With the ability to set up a 100V line speaker system with ceiling speakers spread throughout a location. Each separate area can have different levels of volume by connecting them to the PDVC12 attenuators that have ten clicks of volume.


Package Includes:


  • 8x PD CSPB5 5” Ceiling speakers
  • 4x PD PDVC12 100V Line Volume Controllers
  • 1x PD PRM60 6-Channel Amplifier
  • 100m Reel of Cable


Key Points:


  • Provide full coverage of background sound with this ceiling speaker kit that can be installed across a wide area with separate volume controls to each zone
  • CSPB5 speakers have 3W and 6W power tapping options to connect multiple speakers together in a multi zone system up a multi zone ceiling speaker system
  • Use the attenuator/volume controller in line with sets of speakers to individually control the level of volume in each area
  • 11 step attenuator with the option to mute a zone as well
  • Outputs on amplifier specifically designed to connect a low impedance 8 ohm system or 100V line speaker system
  • Amplifier with 6 separately controllable channels featuring XLR microphone inputs and 6.3mm jack inputs that can be switched between a line-in and mic option 
  • RCA input socket to use external audio devices for stereo output
  • Switchover function can enable phantom power for condenser microphone use and VOX (voice over) function that suits tannoy purposes (useful for shops)
  • 19” amplifier that is 2U rack mountable to be placed in a rack enclosure/cabinet for neat installation and control of the channels from one location
  • Bluetooth enabled amp with additional USB and SD inputs for continuous playback
  • Adjustable bass and treble levels for an efficient and preferred tone
  • Full range frequency response available from the five-inch woofer in the ceiling speakers
  • 2 year extended warranty


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