8 x 6.5″ Ceiling Speaker Kit – 4-Zone Wall Mounted Volume Control


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This ceiling speaker kit includes the CSPB6 speakers, which are a flush-fitting, durable unit featuring a 6.5-inch dynamic woofer that has a good frequency response. Outputting an impressive amount of bass and distinct high frequency and midrange, it has a complete range of sound that is perfect for producing background music.

Fitted with a matching 100V transformer, it can be used successfully in a ceiling speaker system package for installation. It has 5W and 10W power tappings so that it can connect to other speakers in a system, as well as the option to work with attenuators/volume controllers.

The included volume attenuator boxes can be used in line with this multi zone ceiling speaker system to achieve background music. Using the speaker cable, connect from the speaker output on the amplifier into one attenuator, and then connect one pair of speakers to that attenuator. Do this for all four zones and you can adjust the volume of each pair of speakers separately.

Including the PRM120 power amplifier from Power Dynamics, this ceiling speaker kit allows for wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth mode can be activated with the mode selector button to pair a smart device such as a smartphone or tablet for streaming music.

Additionally, you could connect a laptop or computer to the amplifier with the RCA line-in. This input can also connect devices such as CD players so that you can listen along to albums in a continuous loop, with no need for manual adjustment. Especially useful for commercial environments, like a restaurant or bar, TVs can be connected to listen along to news reports or sports games (depending on your TVs output options).

Setting up a four-zone speaker system is easily done with this package that includes attenuators to use in line with the speakers in different areas. For places that may want to install speakers upstairs and downstairs, the attenuators can provide individual volume control of the zones.

Installing the speakers in a large space is made simple with the cable reel that can be cut to size to suit your needs. Furthermore, you can adjust the bass and treble levels from one location using the dials on the face of the amplifier. Adjusting the frequency output of the ceiling speakers allows you to set your preferred tone for creating excellent ambience in a venue.


  Package Includes:


  • 8x PD CSPB6 6.5” Ceiling Speakers
  • 1x PD PRM120 6-Channel Amplifier
  • 4x PD PDVC100 100V Line Volume Controllers
  • 100m Reel of cable


Key Points:


  • The ceiling speaker kit has a full range frequency response producing a good blend of midbass and clear treble for a defined performance from the five-inch woofer
  • Speakers fit flush to a surface for discrete, overhead placement for an immersive atmosphere
  • The overall output tone can be customised and adjusted with the bass and treble dials on the PRM120 amplifier
  • 5W and 10W power taps make the speakers usable in a 100V line system made of other speakers, can also be connected to volume attenuators
  • PDVC100 attenuators have 11 steps of volume adjustment, including muting the zone
  • Each zone connected to an attenuator can have an individually adjusted level of volume
  • Bluetooth enabled amplifier to wirelessly stream music,
  • Amplifier with an integrated MP3 media player that reads audio files from inserted USB sticks and SD cards for continuous playback
  • Two XLR microphone inputs/channels
  • The two 6.3mm jack inputs can be switched between microphone input and a line-in for connecting audio equipment
  • VOX function can be enabled for tannoy announcements where connected mics remain active but don’t output any sound until they are spoken into
  • Phantom power can be enabled to connect a condenser microphone
  • Stereo RCA line-ins allow external audio equipment to be connected, such as CD and DVD players as well as TVs
  • Cut the cable to the size you need for wiring the speaker system together
  • 2 year extended warranty


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