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This active PA subwoofer is the N-12W model from Amate, an extremely high-quality unit that provides high volume levels, deep bass reproduction and user-friendly functions. The inbuilt Class D amplifier is rated at 1000W power, ensuring efficient power handling and sound reproduction.

With a rating of 126 dB continuous output and 129 dB peak output, this active bass bin provides high volume levels suitable for large, open spaces. Despite the compact size of this active bass bin, it provides high volume levels and deep bass response.

Providing a frequency response of 38 Hz to 140 Hz, this active subwoofer offers deep and defined bass frequencies that full-range speakers are simply not capable of reproducing. When used with suitable top, or full-range, speakers, this PA subwoofer adds a layer of depth for maximum immersion.

The compact design of the N-12W makes it ideal for placement in locations with reduced space. Despite the small build of the unit, the volume levels and frequency response that it offers ensures the best size-to-performance ratio possible.

On the rear of the unit are balanced XLR and PowerCon connections. The XLR sockets allow you to connect the sub to a device like a mixing desk as well as link another active subwoofer or full-range speaker, and the PowerCon connections provide a secure link to mains power and the ability to daisy-chain another unit together.

Key Points

  • Active subwoofer with a built-in 1000W Class D Amplifier
  • 126 dB continuous output for medium to large applications
  • 38 Hz to 140 Hz frequency response for deep sub-bass
  • Compact build design to cater for restricted spaces
  • Balanced XLR and PowerCon link connections
  • 2-Year extended warranty


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