Background Music System with 4-Zone Wall Mounted Volume Control


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This background music system includes 4 ceiling speakers, 4 wall-mounted speakers, volume attenuators, a power amplifier and a 100m cable reel in order to connect it all together. Providing high-quality stereo audio in 4 different zones, or rooms, at the same time, this ceiling speaker kit is perfect for background music and speech purposes in a commercial setting like a warehouse, restaurant or shop.

Within this multi zone ceiling speaker system are the BV40V speakers from Power Dynamics, wall-mounted units with a 2-way design and a modern white finish that blends in nicely with any room. The 2-way design features a 4″ driver and a half-inch mylar tweeter in each unit, providing accurate sound reproduction with a wide frequency range. They also feature bass reflex ports for deep and defined bass response, ideal for more open spaces in a commercial setting like a restaurant or office.

Including the PRM120 power amplifier from Power Dynamics, this multi zone ceiling speaker system allows for wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth. Simply set the amplifier to Bluetooth mode using the mode button on the LCD menu, and you can pair a smart device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop and stream any audio from your device. This is great for a warehouse environment, as anyone can quickly and simply pair their device to play any music they like.

Also featuring an integrated MP3 player with USB and SD ports, the PRM120 offers multiple ways to stream audio. By connecting a USB stick or SD card to the respective input on the amplifier, any saved MP3 files will be played in the order that they’re saved, ideal if you have a set playlist that you need to play in a setting like a shop floor or restaurant.

The included volume attenuator boxes are how multi-room audio is achieved with this background music system. Using the speaker cable, connect from the speaker output on the amplifier into one attenuator, and then connect one pair of speakers to that attenuator. Do this with all of the attenuators included, and you can adjust the volume of each pair of speakers separately, perfect for commercial settings like bars and restaurants.

The CPSB6 ceiling speakers in this kit are flush-fitting, durable units featuring a 6.5-inch dynamic woofer per unit with good frequency response. Outputting an impressive amount of bass and distinct high frequency and midrange, it has a complete range of sound that is perfect for producing background music.

Fitted with a matching 100V transformer, it can be used successfully in a ceiling speaker system for installation throughout a venue. It has 5W and 10W power tappings so that it can connect to other speakers in a 100V line system, as well as the option to work with attenuators/volume controllers.

Package Includes

  • 4x Power Dynamics CSPB6 6″ Ceiling Speakers
  • 4x Power Dynamics BV40V Wall-Mounted Speakers White
  • 4x Power Dynamics PDVC30 Volume Attenuators
  • 1x Power Dynamics PRM120 Bluetooth Power Amplifier
  • 1x PD Connex Speaker Cable Reel 100m White

Key Points

  • Complete installed speaker system with 4-zone capability
  • 2-way wall-mounted speakers with bass reflex systems
  • Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming
  • Volume attenuators for separate zone volume control
  • Integrated USB/SD MP3 player with LCD display menu
  • Mic inputs for speech and announcements
  • Free installation advice via telephone or email
  • 2-Year extended warranty


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