Ceiling Mount Bluetooth Speakers – 2 x MS65 Speakers & Bluetooth Amp


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Ceiling Mount Bluetooth Speakers – 2 x MS65 Speakers & Bluetooth Amp

For a highly efficient and user-friendly setup, this ceiling mount Bluetooth speaker allows wireless connectivity for use with different smart devices. Pairing a smartphone or tablet (or even an enabled laptop) to the BT20 allows you to stream music or other audio entertainment available on different websites and applications.

Alternatively, the integrated MP3 media player allows uninterrupted playback of music stored on USB sticks and SD cards. By connecting one of these compatible digital storage devices, the system will continuously play through your music. The remote control included gives you access to adjusting the volume as well as track skipping from a distance. A phone or tablet connected via Bluetooth can be used in the same way.

The Bluetooth ceiling speakers have an IP56 rating, meaning they are waterproof. Made from durable plastic, their housing prevents water damage and even has a UV-resistant layer to protect them from long exposure to sunlight. Their rust-proof material and moisture resistance makes the MS65 speakers especially useful for installing in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as normal living areas like bedrooms and dining rooms.

Overall, this bundle offers a very easy installation process with a sleek, modern appearance. The BT20 compact amplifier has a simple plug and play design with the power adapter supplied and can be stored away in a corner or cupboard. Moreover, the MS65 speakers fit into a ceiling where its domed face blends into the surface for discrete placement.

Stereo sound produced from these speakers will be great to accompany you whilst you do housework with an immersive listening experience. Featuring a dynamic woofer and tweeter in a coaxial arrangement, there is a full range of frequencies available with efficient distribution of midbass and treble to provide a totally defined sound output.

Package Includes:

  • 2x PD MS65 6.5” Waterproof Speakers
  • 1x PD BT20 120W Compact Bluetooth Amplifier
  • 2x PD Open-wire speaker cable 10m

Key Points:

  • Ceiling mount Bluetooth speakers have the ability to connect to a smartphone or tablet for wireless music streaming from websites and applications
  • BT20 amplifier has an integrated MP3 player that plays music continuously from connected USB sticks and SD cards
  • Smartphones and tablets connected via Bluetooth act as a remote control as they can skip tracks and change the level of volume
  • Waterproof IP56 rated speakers are resistant/protected against splashes of water for installing them in bathrooms and kitchens as well as bedrooms and home offices
  • Plastic speaker casing doesn’t rust and has a UV-resistant layer for protection against prolonged sunlight exposure
  • Speaker set can be set up for immersive stereo performance to hear things all aspects of music no matter which way you are facing
  • Two-way coaxial design is perfect for distributing bass and treble between the woofer and tweeter for optimum clarity in the output
  • 6.5 inch woofer and dome tweeter offer full-range frequency response for complete performance
  • Remote control included
  • 2 year extended warranty


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