HOODY 7 Ceiling Speaker Fire Hood – 5-7″


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HOODY 7 Ceiling Speaker Fire Hood – 5-7″

The HOODY 7 is a ceiling speaker fire hood necessary for meeting fire safety requirements and building regulations. These hoods are easily installed above your ceiling mounted speakers in order to prevent the spread of fire. They are designed to be retrofitted into any ceiling void, such as suspended or plasterboard ceilings.

The highly protective in ceiling speaker fire hoods can be easily installed and retain the integrity of the ceiling’s fire protection. Constructed with heavy-duty flexible material, they are suitable for speakers of any make and of sizes between 5 and 7-inches.

Despite their thick, fire rated material, these ceiling speaker hoods have no impact whatsoever on the sound quality of your sound system. As they are installed above the speakers in the ceiling void, they won’t impact the room’s aesthetic and will go unnoticed by everyone.

The HOODY 7 ceiling speaker fire hoods are regulated to protect the fire from spreading throughout the ceiling void for up to 90 minutes. If using the speakers for fire alarm purposes, they can protect the speakers for enough time in order to produce sound for alerts.

They are ideal for use in various environments such as apartment buildings, homes, offices and other commercial venues in order to meet UK and EU building regulations and legislation.

Key Details

  • Fire rated hoods to prevent fire from spreading for up to 90 minutes
  • Retains the ceiling’s fire protection integrity
  • Constructed with a highly-flexible material that is suitable for fitting over 5-inch and 7-inch ceiling speakers
  • Retrofitted in ceiling voids of plasterboard and suspended ceilings without any impact on sound quality
  • Fully compliant with UK and EU building and IEE regulations and legislation
  • 2 year extended warranty


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