PD NCBT8 Wireless Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker System – 8″


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PD NCBT8 Wireless Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker System – 8″

These NCBT8 wireless Bluetooth ceiling speakers from Power Dynamics are supplied as a pair, with white magnetic grilles that cover up the screw holes without impacting their great sound quality for a completely discreet appearance.

This Bluetooth ceiling speaker system can be easily installed in any room of your home. The active speaker, with a built-in digital amplifier, can instantly power the connected passive unit without the need for an external amplifier. When installed, the speakers fit flush against the ceiling and seamlessly blend into the surroundings.

Featuring a midbass woofer and tweeter in coaxial alignment, this speaker pair delivers a superior HiFi sound with a balanced frequency range that captures all aspects of audio. The overall quality is enhanced by the high-end crossover filter, which distributes frequencies correctly to increase the detail in the output.

This active Bluetooth ceiling speaker pair allows you to wirelessly stream audio from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. With enabled Bluetooth 5.0, the NCBT8 has an extended range for connecting your smart device from a distance of up to 40m so that you can move around whilst streaming music from websites and apps.

Additionally, this wireless Bluetooth ceiling speaker kit has an available AUX input to connect your TV, CD or DVD player in permanent installations. With cables hidden in the ceiling, this line-in allows you to listen to films and TV programmes as you cook and clean while still retaining a neat appearance.

Key Details

  • Wireless Bluetooth ceiling speakers allow smart devices to be paired for audio streaming from websites and apps
  • Connect your TV, CD or DVD player to the AUX input in permanent installations for immediate playback
  • Two-way coaxial speakers with 8-inch woofer and ½-tweeter produce a balanced frequency range, integrated crossover filter optimises output detail
  • Class-D digital amplifier built into the active speaker to power the passive unit when connected with the included cable
  • Easy installation process with secure in-ceiling suspension from the swivel clamps, supplied white magnetic grille for completely unobtrusive appearance


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