PD NCSP8B Black Commercial Ceiling Speaker – Low Profile 100V 8″


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PD NCSP8B Black Commercial Ceiling Speaker – Low Profile 100V 8″

The NCSP8B is the latest commercial ceiling speaker from Power Dynamics that takes high-fidelity audio and combines it with a sleek, modern appearance that benefits a whole range of venues, such as bars, shops, offices and cinema foyers. Its extremely thin bezel design is completed by the included black grille that magnetically clips into place to improve its low-profile aesthetic.

Defined audio, with a full frequency range, is produced from this two-way ceiling speaker for restaurants. Featuring an 8-inch midbass woofer and mylar tweeter in coaxial alignment, the NCSP8B is an ideal solution for providing your venue with enjoyable background music to accompany the atmosphere for your customers.

This passive 100V ceiling speaker needs to be connected to a suitable amplifier to be used. It is specifically designed for 100V line application in order to use it alongside a larger sound system, with speakers distributed throughout a room and without the risk of signal loss, ensuring flawless performance.

With integrated power taps rated at 10W, 20W and 40W, the NCSP8B is able to work in line with multiple speakers. By switching between the taps, you can connect additional speakers for synchronised playback across long distances in order to achieve total coverage of background audio in the room.

Furthermore, this commercial ceiling speaker can be connected to a matrix amplifier, for example, in order to set up a multi-zone system. This means that you can install speakers in multiple rooms simultaneously with individual volume control and the option to play various audio sources in each room.

In addition to the versatile functionality of the NCSP8B, it is easy to install into ceiling surfaces with secure suspension from its swivel clamps that hold it in place. With its flush fit and thin black grille, it seamlessly blends into dark ceilings for an unobtrusive appearance, whilst also offering a modern look that suits any interior.

Key Details

  • Two-way coaxial commercial ceiling speaker with 8-inch woofer and mylar tweeter produces a full frequency range for clear background sound purposes
  • Specifically designed for 100V line system applications to distribute speakers across long distances without signal loss for total sound coverage
  • Integrated 10W, 20W and 40W power taps allow multiple speakers to be connected for synchronised performance
  • Thin bezel design with a magnetic black grille for an unobtrusive appearance that blends into dark ceilings
  • Easy to install with sturdy swivel clamps that hold it in place for a secure, flush fit


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