PD NCSS5 Ceiling Speaker – Low Profile Coaxial 5.25″


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PD NCSS5 Ceiling Speaker – Low Profile Coaxial 5.25″

The NCSS5 in-ceiling speaker from Power Dynamics is a high-quality passive ceiling speaker that provides high-quality audio once connected to a suitable power amplifier. Perfect for listening to music in a home setting, this ceiling speaker has a 20W power rating that ensures volume levels perfect for rooms of varying sizes.

This in-ceiling speaker for home use has a sleek white finish that blends in nicely with any room without taking away from the aesthetic design of the room. Once the speaker is installed and wired back to a suitable power amplifier, it provides high-quality audio while being difficult to notice in the room that it is installed in.

The grille on this ceiling speaker is simple to remove thanks to its magnetic design, giving you an easy way to change the colour of the grille if needed. The grille sits near-flush in the ceiling once the speaker is installed, resulting in an unobtrusive and discreet finish.

This in-ceiling speaker has a 2-way coaxial driver arrangement with a separate 5.25-inch woofer and half-inch tweeter driver that ensure efficient sound reproduction with a wide frequency output so that you can hear every aspect of the audio you are listening to perfectly.

The installation process of this ceiling speaker for home use is simple. Once a suitable hole is cut in the ceiling, the cabling can be wired through the ceiling and back to where your amplifier is located, and the ceiling speaker then sits comfortably in the cutout in the ceiling with the cables connected to it.

Key Details

  • 20W passive ceiling speaker
  • Sleek white finish that blends in with any room
  • Magnetic fit steel grille for a near-flush finish in the ceiling
  • 2-way coaxial design for accurate sound reproduction
  • Quick and simple installation using the easy-fit clamps
  • 2-Year extended warranty


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