A50B Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker System Package – 2x Speakers 6.5″


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Powerline A50B Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker System Package – 2x Speakers 6.5″

The Powerline A50BSET from Power Dynamics is the perfect home sound solution, with a complete Bluetooth ceiling speaker system that delivers impressive and immersive HiFi sound. This easy to install package combines versatile operation with a slim, modern design that blends into the surroundings of any room of your home.

Featuring the A50B wall-mounted Bluetooth amplifier, which facilitates both wireless and wired device connections, you can listen to any audio you want. With the extended range and improved speeds of the integrated Bluetooth 5.0 technology, you can flawlessly stream music from your smartphone or tablet paired at a distance, allowing free movement without any signal loss.

Additionally, this touch-sensitive panel has an inbuilt MP3 player that automatically reads audio files stored on connected USB sticks and micro SD cards, allowing you to listen to your favourite songs or playlists without having to worry about further system adjustment. Alternatively, your TV or DVD player can be connected in permanent installations to the available AUX input in order to listen along to films and programmes with immersive output.

The passive ceiling speakers for home use can be instantly powered by connecting them to the output terminals on the rear of the A50B. This allows them to be set up in an immersive stereo or a mono format where each speaker can be distributed in different parts of the room.

The entire Bluetooth ceiling speaker system can be easily installed into surfaces, with discrete and flush fitting placements that don’t distract from the surroundings of the room. Magnetic white grilles are supplied with the speakers to cover up the screw holes for even more unobtrusive appearance.

These two-way coaxial speakers have a slim, bezel design housing a dynamic woofer and tweeter. With the integrated crossover filter, the system handles a wide frequency range for enhanced detail in audio playback for enjoyable results.

Key Details

  • Wirelessly stream audio to this Bluetooth ceiling speaker system by connecting your smart device from a distance
  • Inbuilt USB/micro SD card MP3 player, AUX input for TVs, CD/DVD players and FM/DAB radio tuners
  • Passive speakers connect to the 40W amplifier modules for setup in stereo or mono output formats
  • Touch-sensitive panel with illuminated buttons included IR remote control
  • Full-range coaxial speakers with 6.5-inch dynamic woofer and ½-inch tweeter with crossover filter for accurate audio reproduction
  • Sleek system setup with discrete ceiling speaker grille covers and modern wall panel that suits any interior home design


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