Systemline S7 DigiLink


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Systemline S7 DigiLink

DigiLink works exclusively with the Systemline 7 NetLink audio player, as its main purpose is to provide NetLink with a dedicated digital audio connection from the server using a cat5/6 data cable.

When DigiLink is used, the audio is no longer streamed over the Local Area Network, which is now used for control and web configuration only.

DigiLink connects to the server via a USB cable, and so must be installed near to the server.

NetLink can be up to 50 m away. KPS11 keypads can still be used with the NetLink zone but must be wired to the DigiLink unit. DigiLink is highly recommended with NetLink when installing a home cinema or an audiophile listening zone, to eliminate any continuous data on the network.


  • Digital Audio Input 1 x USB – Type B 2.0
  • Keypad Output 1 x RJ45 (T568B) 50 m Max
  • NetLink Output 1 x RJ45 (T568B) 50 m Max
  • Power Supplied by NetLink (RJ45) 12 V 150 mA
  • Frequency response 20 Hz – 96 kHz ± 0.1 dB
  • Jitter @ 96 kHz sample rate
  • Digital Input Widths Supported 16 / 24 / 32bit
  • Sample Rates Supported 44.1, 48, 96, 192 kHz
  • Dimensions Height: 26 mm, Width: 83 mm, Depth: 64 mm
  • Net Weight 143g


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