Systemline 7

Systemline 7


Systemline 7 is controlled using the NetMusic App which is available for free for both Apple iOS and Android devices.

Designed primarily for installation into homes, the Systemline 7 gives you multi-room access to your music in all its modern forms, with the ease of both wired and wireless control.

The heart of the S7 system is its NetServer unit which serves as both local music storage and as the processor allowing connection and integration to online music streaming services. Hi Res audio playback is supported and the onboard 2TB storage can hold your digital library for instant access using the custom NetMusic App.

The NetAmp units powering the system can feed up to 24 zones independently, with presets and user favourites available for each zone so your favourite music is just a button press away no matter where in the house you are, including bathrooms and gardens with the use of the available outdoor weatherproof speakers and wet room speakers.

With easy TV audio and Home Cinema system integration including control of your separate AV amplifier’s switching and volume, the S7 provides the ultimate source for all your musical entertainment.

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