Church Sound System

Church Sound System

Place of worship multi speaker 100v Line PA systems including ceiling speakers, wall mount and column packages, designed for vocal and background music reinforcement.

You have an abundance of options when Installing a 100v line church sound system, sound system for your mosque or other place of worship. The initial factor to consider is the primary function of the PA system? If you are a church and require a PA system adequate for use by the church band, you may need to incorporate subwoofers and standard low impedance speakers, with the smaller 100v line speakers providing further coverage throughout the church. Another option would be to consider the larger column speakers or the RCF MQ 100L 3 Way Column Speaker.

Not all churches and places of worship require such a substantial PA system, you may just  require vocal reinforcement during prayers or services. Outdoor full range and or horn speakers can also be included in the system providing vocal and sound reinforcement. There really is a multitude of options, please feel free to contact us for more information, one of audio specialists will be happy to help you with the initial design, provide detailed wiring diagrams and offer telephone support during your installation.



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