100v line amplifiers

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100v Line Amplifiers

Designed specifically for making simple work of multi-speaker installations, the 100v Line Amplifier allows the easy connection of a large number of suitable speakers in a choice of wiring formats to suit the overall system size.

100V line amplifiers are available as simple low power, single input and output units for a basic ceiling installation, going up in specification to the much larger multi zone capable mixer amplifiers that will allow several audio sources to be played back simultaneously to different rooms or zones of your install.

100v Line Amp Bluetooth and features

Features such as bluetooth and master vocal paging, FM or DAB radios and USB audio playback add to the ease of use, making playback simple and intuitive even over a large system.

Power ratings for 100V Line Amps varies, and a suitable model for your installation is usually selected by first deciding on the number of speakers you wish to connect to it. We are happy to advise on any equipment choices to ensure your purchase is the most suitable system for your requirements.

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