2.1 Cinema Ceiling Speaker System – 4x QI65C, Q7060 White Sub & SIA50


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2.1 Cinema Ceiling Speaker System – 4x QI65C, Q7060 White Sub & SIA50

This ceiling speaker system provides 2.1 stereo sound that is perfect for home cinema applications. With four ceiling speakers, a slimline subwoofer, a compact smart amplifier and the cables needed to connect it all together, this ceiling speaker kit is compact in design with a modern finish, making it blend nicely into any room of your home with minimal floor space being taken.

Including 4 QI65C ceiling speakers from Q Acoustics, these ceiling speakers for TV use provide high-fidelity audio with a full-range frequency response to capture all aspects of the audio. The 6.5-inch dynamic woofer and swivel tweeter output a perfect mix of midbass and treble, with the featured adjustable crossover you can gain or reduce the output by three decibels.

The moisture-proof speakers can be used in bathrooms and kitchens, with a magnetic grille that guarantees protection against the risk of splash damage. Installing these in any living area or room, such as a kitchen, is easily achievable and serves as a suitable solution for home cinemas and listening along to music/movies while you cook and clean.

Included in this ceiling speaker package is the Q 7060S slimline subwoofer, housed in a modern MDF casing that will suit the surroundings of your home. Featuring a class D amplifier, this high-powered sub is supplied with an AC power cable for a simple, instant setup.

It has the capacity of handling all bass frequencies, ranging from the lowest bass levels of 35Hz and spanning to 200Hz midbass. This is produced by its eight-inch, high excursion driver that reproduces an impressive level of deep, low-end frequencies.

Its integrated crossover switch enables the speaker to only output lower tones and any frequencies surpassing a certain limit are distributed to connected top speakers, guaranteeing total clarity in the output, with complementary bass for a highly immersive sound system.

The SIA50 power amplifier from Tibo within this ceiling speaker kit is the central hub of the system that all of the speakers and external devices are connected to. Featured on the rear of the amplifier is an optical input, providing the ability to connect a device like a TV or games console while watching films or gaming.

Package Includes

  • 1x Tibo SIA50 Compact Smart Amplifier
  • 4x Q Acoustics QI65C Ceiling Speakers
  • 1x Q Acoustics Q 7060S Slimline Subwoofer White
  • 1x PD Connex Male RCA to Male RCA Cable 3m
  • 1x Pro-Signal TOSLink Optical Cable 10m
  • 4x PD Connex Bare Wire Speaker Cables 10m

Key Points

  • Complete cinema ceiling speaker package
  • Subwoofer with a slim finish and adjustable crossover
  • Ceiling speakers with a coaxial 2-way design
  • Optical input to connect gaming consoles or TVs
  • Phase switch for synchronised speaker performance
  • Free setup advice provided by us via telephone or email
  • 2-Year extended warranty


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