2-Zone Wall Mounted Sound System – 4 x 5.25″ Black Speakers


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The BC50V speakers come as a pair with pivotal-mounting brackets to instantly install them in a location to be used as a wall mounted sound system. The aluminium grille and bracket are painted with an industrial coating for optimal protection against splashes of water, making them IP56 rated for indoor and outdoor use.

Encouraging a full-range frequency response from its polypropylene woofer and silk dome tweeter, these background sound speakers provide the perfect blend of midbass and treble so that all aspects of music can be heard. They have an integrated crossover function to optimise the distribution of the frequencies creating a clear audio performance.

They are entirely capable of use in a multi-zone system due to their inbuilt 100V transformer and multiple power taps, allowing them to be used alongside additional speakers and volume attenuators. Selecting their power taps is simple with the rotary dial on the back of the speakers.

Using the PDVC100 attenuator means you can adjust the volume level of each zone separately of this wall mounted speaker system. By connecting the speaker output on the amplifier to each attenuator, you can then connect 3 speakers to each box to control them independently.

Including the PRM120 power amplifier from Power Dynamics, this background music system allows for wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth. Simply activate the Bluetooth feature with the mode selector button in order to pair a smart device such as a smartphone to stream any audio from websites and applications.

Made up of six individually controlled channels, you can connect multiple different devices for use in your venue. Using the stereo RCA line-ins, CD/DVD players or TVs (depending on their output sockets) can be connected to listen along to a range of audio media such as albums or live sporting events, ideal for bars. Especially suitable for shop floors, the different mic inputs allow tannoy announcements. This can be optimised with the VOX function which only activates the microphone when you speak into it (acting similarly to a touch-to-talk feature).

Due to its easy setup, this wall mounted sound system offers full utility in small commercial settings or venues looking to provide outdoor sound. The IP56 rated wall speakers can be installed inside and outside, in vertical or horizontal alignment, and produce high-fidelity audio no matter the conditions of the weather. 

For optimal efficiency in their sound dispersion, the bracket can angle the speaker’s output direction so that you can hear all aspects of the music. The included attenuators provide individual control of each zone’s volume level. Using these in line with the speakers allows you to make one zone louder than the other, and even offers the option to mute a zone. 


Package Includes:


  • 4x PD BC50V 5.25” Black Wall Mounted Speakers
  • 1x PD PRM120 6 Channel Mixer Amplifier
  • 2x PD PDVC100 100V Volume Attenuator
  • 4x PD Open Wire Speaker Cable 10m


Key Points: 


  • Shop floor tannoy announcements can be achieved with the multiple microphone inputs and available VOX function
  • Optional phantom power can be enabled to use condenser microphones without the need for an extra power source
  • 6.3mm jack inputs can be switched between microphone input and a line-in for external audio devices
  • Stereo RCA line-ins can connect devices such as laptops, TVs and CD players to listen along to music or audio from visual media (news reports or sports games)
  • Bluetooth mode allows a wireless connection with smartphones and tablets to stream music from websites, applications or personal music storage/collections
  • Integrated MP3 player can read stored audio files from inserted USB sticks and SD cards for automatic playback of playlists with no interruptions
  • BC50V wall mounted sound system featuring a crossover function that correctly distributes frequencies between the polypropylene woofer and silk dome tweeter
  • Included pivotal brackets allow you to angle and redirect the speaker output for optimum efficiency of coverage
  • Trapezoidal shape means they can be installed in corners and brackets allow horizontal/vertical placement
  • IP56 rated speakers with aluminium grille ensuring total protection against water jets/splashes for outdoor use, ideal for garden terraces
  • 7.5W, 15W and 30W power tappings and built-in 100V transformer make the speakers usable in conjunction with other speakers and volume controllers
  • PDVC100 attenuators can be used in line with amplifier and speakers for individual volume control of each set-up zone
  • 11-click rotary volume dial, with system muting option
  • Open-end speaker cables  to wire the whole system together instantly and easily
  • Adjustable output tone with the bass and treble dials to create your preferred sound
  • LCD display screen with IG3 track information
  • 2 year extended warranty


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