8 x 4″ White Wall Mounted Music System Package


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The SONORA-4TB is the perfect addition to a wall mounted music system with its flexible design to be used inside and outside due to its IP66 rating. Fitted with a polypropylene woofer and waterproof aluminium speaker grille, they are able to withstand varying harsh conditions such as heavy rainfall.

Providing exceptional sound production from its two-way design, it expertly blends midbass and higher-frequencies for background music purposes. Fitted with a 100V transformer and multiple power tappings, these high-quality units can be used as standard low impedance speakers or in a 100V line systems of varying sizes.

This multi-zone amplifier features six input channels with individual level controls as well as an enabled Bluetooth module and an integrated MP3 player. The two XLR microphone inputs have optional phantom power available so that you can use condenser microphones alongside the wall mounted speaker system, allowing you to make shop floor announcements. 

Additionally, you can achieve instant playback of MP3-formatted setlists stored on a USB stick or SD cards by inserting them into the corresponding slots, where music will play continuously. The Bluetooth feature allows you to wirelessly pair a smartphone or tablet to stream music from websites and applications. 

This is the perfect unit for multi-zone system purposes with four separate zones. The rear of the amplifier is fitted with a screw terminal for each zone for easy setup. With on/off selector buttons, there is the option to address all at once or only specific ones, which is the perfect feature for venues such as restaurants as you can turn off zones outside when the outside terrace is shut.

This wall mounted speaker system offers versatile performance for various commercial environments, with multiple ways to play music and optional indoor and outdoor installation. Digital audio streaming with Bluetooth is a great feature for simple, user-friendly setup. Adjustable tonal controls allow you to create an output tone that best suits your preference and fits well in the acoustics of a room, for enjoyable background music purposes.


Package Includes:


  • 8x Fonestar SONORA-4TB White Wall Mount Speakers
  • 1x PD PRM360 4-Zone Mixer Amplifier
  • 1x Open-Wire Copper Cable Reel 100m


Key Points:


  • Wall mounted music system has a full-range frequency response with adjustable bass and treble levels to create your preferred output tone
  • SONORA-4TB speakers feature a polypropylene woofer and waterproof speaker grille making them perfect for outdoor installation
  • Supplied with a weather-treated mounting bracket that can easily be placed on a wall
  • When installed, the included pivotal bracket can be angled so that the speaker output is facing into the space
  • Speakers feature 100V transformers and 3.75W, 7.5W, 15W and 30W so that a 100V line system made up of multiple speakers can be set up
  • Four-zone amplifier has selector buttons for separate zone selection, where you can use all zones at once or only specific ones
  • Bluetooth enabled amplifier allows wireless connection to a smartphone or tablet for audio streaming
  • Built-in MP3 player allows uninterrupted playback of music from inserted USB sticks and SD cards
  • XLR microphone inputs with onboard phantom power for using condenser microphones without external power sources
  • Voice-over priority (VOX) feature for making tannoy announcements, where any music played will be muted while you talk so that you can be heard clearly
  • Two 3.5mm jack inputs with a line switch for using microphones or external devices, like mixers
  • RCA line inputs for connecting external devices, such as laptops, DVD and CD players
  • 2 year extended warranty


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