Amate N-12WP Passive PA Subwoofer


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Amate N-12WP Passive PA Subwoofer

This passive PA subwoofer is the N-12WP from Amate, an extremely high-quality bass unit that provides a high volume output with a small design. With 1000W power and an 8-Ohm impedance rating, this unpowered subwoofer offers deep sub-bass when used with a suitable amplifier.

This passive sub has a frequency response of 38 Hz to 140 Hz, providing a deep and defined sub-bass that full-range speakers would not be able to reproduce. When used with a suitable power amplifier and full-range speakers, the N-12WP adds an extra layer of depth and immersion that will help you stand out.

Featuring a small design, this passive PA subwoofer is perfect for restricted and small spaces without hindering the overall output that it offers. Measuring at only 384 x 520 x 552mm, the N-12WP is designed to have the best size-to-performance ratio for subwoofers in this class.

On the back of the unit are NL4 Speakon connections, one being the socket to connect to a power amplifier and the other being a connection to daisy-chain another passive subwoofer if necessary. The NL4 connections provide high-quality signal strength for the best audio performance possible.

Offering 126 dB continuous output, this passive subwoofer from Amate provides high volume levels that are ideal for medium to large-sized applications. Suitable for use alongside an installed speaker system or in a club setting, the N-12WP is the ideal choice for loud and defined bass output in a compact build.

Key Points

  • Passive subwoofer with 1000W power and 8-Ohm impedance
  • 38 Hz to 140 Hz frequency response for deep sub-bass
  • Compact build to cater for small and reduced spaces
  • NL4 Speakon input and link connections
  • 126 dB continuous output for medium to large applications
  • 2-Year extended warranty


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