Audizio Ancona Portable DAB+ Radio With Bluetooth & Battery


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Audizio Ancona Portable DAB+ Radio With Bluetooth & Battery

The Ancona from Audizio is a portable DAB radio with Bluetooth and many other playback options to enjoy your favourite music in any location. The compact and sleek design of the radio keeps it easy to move around, and the speaker means that no other equipment is required in order to listen to the music playing through the unit.

The Ancona has a built-in DAB+ and FM radio tuner with an extendable antenna, allowing you to tune into countless radio stations for casual background music. This is especially useful while working, as you can easily tune into your favourite radio station using the user-friendly scanner and tuning dial and then leave the audio playing in the background without the need to manually adjust anything else.

This DAB digital radio has Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to pair a suitable smart device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop and stream audio wirelessly. The addition of Bluetooth makes the Ancona highly versatile for different purposes, as there will be times that you can’t find anything you want to listen to on the radio, therefore you can play whatever you want to listen to from your device.

This rechargeable DAB radio with Bluetooth has a built-in battery that will allow you to use it in any location without having to be connected to a mains power source. You can also operate this Ancona while it’s connected to a power socket and charging, ensuring constant audio playback without any interruptions.

Another way to play music through this portable DAB radio with Bluetooth is by using the integrated MP3 player. There is a USB port that you can connect a USB thumb drive to, causing any saved MP3 files on the drive to play through the radio, perfect if you have custom saved playlists that you want to automatically play in the background.

Key Details

  • Compact DAB radio with a built-in speaker
  • DAB+ and FM radio tuning
  • Bluetooth technology for wireless audio streaming
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for portable use
  • Integrated MP3 player with a USB port
  • 2-Year extended warranty


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