Bluetooth Bathroom Ceiling Speaker – 2 x MS65 Speakers & Bluetooth Amp


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Bluetooth Bathroom Ceiling Speaker – 2 x MS65 Speakers & Bluetooth Amp

This Bluetooth bathroom ceiling speaker bundle offers an easy wireless connection to the system. The BT20 amplifier has onboard Bluetooth purposes in order to pair a smartphone, tablet or laptop to stream music from websites and applications. Doing this allows you to listen to any music or other audio entertainment (e.g. films on streaming services) in a user-friendly fashion. When your device is connected to the system it can act as a remote control with the ability to adjust the volume, skip tracks and pause songs.

Additionally, the amplifier has an inbuilt MP3 player that automatically reads audio files from input USB sticks and SD cards. Using your computer, you can prepare and save albums onto digital storage in order to receive constant playback which means you won’t have to physically interact with the amp once the stick/card is connected.

The waterproof ceiling speakers are perfect for installing in a bathroom or kitchen due to the moisture-proof plastic housing. The MS65 speakers have an IP56 rating that means they are resistant to water splashes and also don’t rust, guaranteeing longevity in use.

Their white-domed shape provides a modern aesthetic that blends well into your home. The compact BT20 amplifier has a plug and play design for an, especially easy setup. It also allows you to place it in a corner or a cupboard so that it is out of the way and in an accessible location.

Featuring a dynamic woofer and dome tweeter, there is a full range of frequencies available to produce a highly defined sound to hear all aspects of music. Arranged on the same point/axis, the coaxial design ensures an efficient distribution of the frequencies for total clarity in the output. As the speakers are supplied in a pair, you can easily create a stereo sound for immersive performance.

These Bluetooth bathroom ceiling speakers offer an impressive audio performance allowing you to enjoy listening to your favourite music around the house. The waterproof design is especially beneficial as you aren’t limited to where you can use the system. Optional placement of these speakers in your bathroom will provide well defined, high-quality sound to the room, with a simple and discrete installation.

Package Includes:

  • 2x PD MS65 6.5” Waterproof Speakers
  • 1x PD BT20 120W Compact Bluetooth Amplifier
  • 2x PD Open-wire speaker cable 10m

Key Points:

  • Ceiling speakers can be installed on either side of the room for an immersive stereo-sound performance
  • Bluetooth capabilities allow a wireless connection to your smartphone or tablet for music streaming from websites and applications
  • IP56 rated Bluetooth bathroom ceiling speakers made with a moisture-proof plastic housing that prevents damage from water splashes
  • Plastic speakers do not rust guaranteeing longevity of use
  • MS65 speakers have a sleek, white dome shape that blends into the surroundings when installed, amplifier can be stored in corners or cupboards
  • Integrated MP3 player feature automatically plays music stored on USB sticks and SD cards when inserted without interruption in the playback
  • Bluetooth connected devices can be used to control the system with adjustment to volume, track skipping and pausing
  • Two-way coaxial design is perfect for distributing the frequencies between the woofer and tweeter for optimised clarity in the output sound
  • 6.5-inch dynamic woofer and dome tweeter offer full-range frequency response, blending mid bass with clear high-end tones
  • Remote control included
  • 2 year extended warranty


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