PD NCSS5B Ceiling Speaker – Low Profile Coaxial 5.25″


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PD NCSS5B Ceiling Speaker – Low Profile Coaxial 5.25″

The NCSS5B in-ceiling speaker is an ideal solution for enjoyable home audio, with full range capabilities that produce great detail. Install the speaker in any room of your home to accompany you while you cook, clean or relax.

This passive 8-ohm speaker needs to be connected to a suitable amplifier in order to be powered for use. Enhance the sound system with a 4-ohm amplifier, which allows you to wire additional speakers for mono or stereo output with speakers spread out throughout the room for larger coverage.

All amplifiers facilitate connections to audio input sources, such as TVs, computers and DVD players, meaning that you can use this ceiling speaker for home audio to listen to your favourite music and even TV shows and films.

The NCSS5B has a sleek, bezel design housing a midbass woofer and mylar tweeter elevated in the centre with flawless handling of a wide frequency range. This two-way coaxial speaker outputs high and low-end tones simultaneously for accurate music reproduction.

This in-ceiling speaker has exceptional audio performance, enhanced by the integrated crossover filter. This feature ensures efficient frequency distribution for optimised detail and clarity that captures all aspects of sound in high quality.

You can easily install the NCSS5B into your home by cutting a hole in your ceiling that matches the speaker’s 161mm diameter. It is then secured in place with the sturdy swivel clamps to make it fit flush against the surface without any protrusion.

The minimalist aesthetic of this ceiling speaker is completed with the included black grille that magnetically clips into place. This grille covers up the speaker and screw holes without imposing on sound quality and allows it to blend into any home interior, especially dark ceilings.

Key Details

  • Sleek in-ceiling speaker with black magnetic grille blends into any interior home design with an unobtrusive appearance
  • 8-ohm unpowered speaker requires an amplifier connection, which allows multiple devices to be used in order to listen to your favourite songs or films
  • Use a 4-ohm amplifier to use additional speakers for a larger sound system
  • Two-way coaxial speaker with full-range frequency response produced from its featured 5.25-inch midbass woofer and ½-inch mylar tweeter
  • Integrated crossover filter efficiently distributes high and low frequencies for total clarity and more detail in the output
  • Speaker can be easily installed and has sturdy swivel clamps for secure in-ceiling suspension


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