PD NCSS6 Ceiling Speaker – Low Profile Coaxial 6.5″


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PD NCSS6 Ceiling Speaker – Low Profile Coaxial 6.5″

The NCSS6 is a high-powered in-ceiling speaker from Power Dynamics with a full-range output. Combining an impressive sound quality with a sleek design, this speaker is perfect for any home user looking to listen to music in any room.

This passive ceiling speaker for home audio needs to be connected to an external amplifier in order to be used. Operating at standard 8-ohm impedance, the NCSS6 can be wired to a 4-ohm amplifier in order to use additional speakers in mono or stereo output format to enhance your sound system.

This in-ceiling speaker can be used to listen to your favourite music, films or TV shows as amplifiers facilitate connections to a whole range of devices, such as TVs or DVD players. Some even have integrated Bluetooth receivers to allow wireless audio streaming of media from websites and applications.

Featuring a midbass woofer and floating mylar tweeter in coaxial alignment, this two-way speaker handles a full range frequency response for accurate music reproduction. The built-in crossover filter optimises the overall sound quality by efficiently distributing high-end tones to the tweeter, ensuring well-defined output.

Installing the NCSS6 speaker in any room of your home is easy, with a user guide included to walk you through. A hole needs to be cut out of your ceiling to match the 190mm diameter of the speaker. Once slotted in, the swivel clamps can be turned to securely suspend them for a flush fit.

Complete with a white grille that can be magnetically clipped on, this speaker has a slim bezel design that doesn’t protrude from the ceiling to give it an unobtrusive appearance that blends into any interior home design.

Key Details

  • In-ceiling speaker with unobtrusive placement and sleek white grille that magnetically clips on to blend into the surroundings
  • Standard 8 ohm impedance speaker needs to be connected to an amplifier
  • Can be connected to 4-ohm amplifiers to use additional speakers
  • Easy installation process with swivel clamps to ensure secure in-ceiling suspension
  • Two-way coaxial speaker houses a 6.5-inch woofer and ½-inch mylar tweeter delivers a full frequency range for high-quality background audio
  • Built-in crossover filter efficiently distributes high and low frequencies between the tweeter and woofer


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