Powerline A50B In Wall Bluetooth Amplifier – 2 Channel Black


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Powerline A50B In-Wall Bluetooth Amplifier – 2 Channel Black

The Powerline A50B in-wall Bluetooth amplifier from Power Dynamics is an unrivalled home audio device, featuring modern technology for total convenience and versatility. Combining high-quality audio reproduction from a sleek touch panel. Its black panel with illuminated buttons can be discreetly installed in walls in your house, with an included back box for guaranteed protection.

This modern wall-mounted Bluetooth amplifier allows complete wireless operation, as you can stream music from your smartphone, tablet or laptop with the added benefit of free movement. Featuring the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, you can connect your smart device from up to 40m away in order to change tracks, adjust the volume and even listen to videos through the sound system without having to go over to the panel itself.

Moreover, the A50B has an integrated MP3 player that automatically plays digital audio files from connected USB sticks and Micro SD cards. Supporting a maximum of 32GB of storage, you can prepare a large playlist compiled with all your favourite songs in order to listen to it whilst relaxing or doing chores without having to make any further adjustments.

Also featured on this in-wall Bluetooth amplifier is an AUX input, situated on the rear of the panel. This line-in is for permanent installs, where the cable connecting the amp to the device is tucked away in the wall. With this input option, you can connect your TV, DVD or CD players for listening to various audio at home.

This class-D digital in-wall speaker amplifier has two 20W output terminals, allowing you to set up a stereo sound system in your home for immersive listening. In addition to controlling the volume with the touch screen panel or with your smartphone when connected via Bluetooth, a remote control is included for added convenience.

Key Details

  • Wirelessly stream audio from your smartphone or tablet to this in-wall Bluetooth amplifier to enjoy listening to your favourite music at home
  • Class-D digital amplifier with two 20W speaker outputs for installing a stereo sound system
  • MP3 player with USB and Micro SD card inputs for automatic playback of digital setlists, maximum storage support of 32GB
  • Unobtrusive in-wall placement with black touch screen panel and illuminated buttons, can be easily cleaned
  • Included back box protects input/output terminals whilst in the wall, remote control also supplied for added convenience
  • 2 year extended warranty


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