Restaurant Sound System

Ambience is such an important factor in setting the right vibe in any restaurant, and music can play a huge part in creating that desired mood.

Music in a restaurant can spoil an atmosphere just as easily as it can enhance it though, if set up poorly or by using inferior quality components. Which is why careful planning and layout design must be an inherent part of any installation.

A good background music system should only ever add to the dining experience, and the team at Audio Installations have worked with both smaller restaurants and with larger chain venues to create their perfect sound system.

Restaurant Sound System


A modern restaurant may offer quiet and relaxed dining during the week, yet become much more lively at weekends, with larger establishments offering live music performances, a DJ and dance floor experience, and themed nights.

These events can open the restaurant up to increased turnover from private parties, and younger customers looking for a memorable night out. Good food doesn’t need to be the only attraction, and the business value of good entertainment is a great opportunity.

An installed audio system can be multi purpose in use, providing you with both low level background music, and speakers that are capable of providing a powerful bar or club style evening when needed.

This can be achieved in several ways, depending on the size of the restaurant, the desired performance requirements, and of course the available budget.


Starting with the most popular sound systems used in restaurants, a good quality background music system is a cost effective upgrade to any customer focused business.

Silence is uncomfortable, and can put people on edge as their private conversations can be heard by other diners, especially in more intimate sized restaurants. Even just the softest of music in the air helps relieve this as a problem, allowing your customers to properly relax in their surroundings.

For a simple and unobtrusive installation, a series of quality ceiling speakers can provide ample coverage, whilst remaining practically invisible. The flush fitting white grille design blends seamlessly with most aesthetics, and being ceiling mounted means a fast and simple fitment.

The popular 100V line audio systems make an excellent choice for most restaurants, as they offer the simplest of wiring to speakers, and the sound quality is excellent for low level daily use. A diy installation is also well within the realms of any competent person, so can offer a great saving during an overhaul or complete refurbishment.

Background Music System


Installation style amplifiers feature several inputs to allow easy connection of CD players and other line level devices. Many also include onboard support for USB drives with Mp3 files, and will feature a Bluetooth connection for playing stored music or streaming services from a phone or tablet.

Basic models with single volume control can adjust the entire installation at once, which is perfect for a small room that just doesn’t need anything more complex for simple music playback.

Zoned output models allow you to adjust the volume levels in chosen areas, which gives you the option of, say, a louder front of house for families and groups, and maybe a more intimate lower volume area at the back for couples.

Should you wish, the audio from TVs or satellite boxes can be channelled through the system. This is often popular in restaurants that are open as bars during the daytime, where sporting events or music channels may be shown.


For venues that feature regular live performers, or a dinner and dance experience, a background music system will not really have the performance available that many will require, not by itself anyway.

This is true of most background audio systems, and is not a fault with their performance. They are simply not designed for the volume and bass response that’s needed for those more demanding events.

For these types of venues, the use of professional PA speakers will provide everything you need for a great sounding event. With either a passive or active speaker system installed, you can allow DJs or live musicians to easily connect into the system through an audio mixer.

The system itself can feature just PA cabinets if its purely for singers, comedians etc, or for dance music nights you can specify a dedicated subwoofer unit for that real club bass sound.

These larger output sound systems can be completely independent, or they can be connected as part of a zoned system, allowing complete integration into the main audio when there isn’t a performer present.

PA System for Restaurant


Though not always the case, it is Audio Installations experience that the majority of our restaurant customers will be upgrading or installing the sound system as part of a larger redecoration, or complete remodel.

This is the perfect time for hiding cables in walls and ceilings, running new power points, and creating new spaces such as dancefloors, and allows so much more choice and flexibility when it comes to speaker fitments and zoned wiring.

The pre-planning and pre-selection of the audio equipment is incredibly important at this earlier stage, and the Audio Installation design team is on hand to help you through the decision process, with advice, experience-based suggestions, and professional wiring diagrams for your chosen system.

Our installation service offers you access to turnkey systems. We can provide electricians, site engineers, sound system specialists and building/decorating services depending on your location and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use Bluetooth in my restaurant?

Yes, Bluetooth is certainly a viable option for your restaurant sound system, especially if you are pairing with one amplifier. A restaurant audio system with Bluetooth gives you the ability to play music from any app or website of your choice on a smart device. The only downside to using Bluetooth in your restaurant speaker system is that it can be accessed by your customers, but once a device has been initially paired, no one else will be able to pair their smartphone or tablet.

Are speakers important in a restaurant?

Yes, having the correct restaurant speaker system will greatly enhance the mood of your restaurant, as you can ensure that suitable music is playing throughout the whole room to add to the atmosphere for all of your guests.

What music system is best for a restaurant?

There are a variety of background music systems that work well in restaurants, suiting all sizes and budgets. For a small room that only requires music playback, a couple of speakers and a basic amplifier with single volume control is sufficient. Larger areas will require more speakers on a 100V system and possibly a multi-zone amplifier to adjust the volume in different areas. You can choose an amplifier that features Bluetooth and an MP3 player, with inputs for devices such as televisions.

How do you set up a commercial sound system?

To set up a commercial sound system the speakers will first need to be mounted. Ceiling speakers require a circular hole to be made in the ceiling using the provided template, and clamp into place. While wall speakers typically come with mounting brackets. Most commercial systems use a 100V line audio system, enabling you to simply connect the speakers to an amplifier in one line. This allows you to use multiple speakers without a loss in audio quality and with no long cables needed.

Why use a sound system in a restaurant?

A sound system can help to create the right atmosphere in a restaurant, encouraging customers to relax and enjoy the dining experience. For example during the week you could create a quiet relaxed environment, while at the weekend you may choose a more lively mood. Installing a high-quality sound system provides versatility, enabling you to use it for different purposes, e.g. background music or party events.

Are wall or ceiling speakers better?

The best type of speaker for your restaurant sound system will vary on a few factors. For example, if your restaurant is on the smaller side with low ceilings, in-ceiling speakers would be the best option. Alternatively, if your restaurant is large with lots of open space, wall-mounted speakers will be the better option, as they offer more focused sound projection with louder volume levels and a wider frequency response.

Do I need an amplifier?

Yes, at least one amplifier will be required in your restaurant speaker system, as it powers the speakers and also provides all of the input and control options for your devices. There are some active WiFi speakers that don’t require an amplifier, but each one will need a connection to mains power, making the traditional amplifier and passive speaker restaurant audio systems much more versatile and reliable.

What type of speakers should I use in a restaurant sound system?

The type of speakers you use in a restaurant sound system will depend on your setting and preferences. A popular choice is high-quality ceiling speakers. These provide wide audio coverage and have a subtle flush-finish. Another choice is wall-mounted speakers which look more prominent, but provide a more powerful surround sound and can be placed at the perfect height to project audio.

How many speakers to use in a restaurant sound system?

The number of speakers needed in a restaurant sound system will depend on the size and shape of the restaurant and the desired performance requirements. It also depends on whether you choose ceiling speakers, wall speakers or a combination of both. On average a ceiling speaker covers an area of 20 square metres. While a good quality wall speaker would cover 40 square metres.

Should I use wired or wireless speakers in a restaurant setting?

Wifi and Bluetooth speakers enable you to control speakers wirelessly and stream music from smart devices. However in commercial and multi-zone systems it is better to have a wired speaker system that connects to an external amplifier. This offers playback options with or without internet access.

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