Church Sound Systems

Audio Installations have the knowledge and experience of providing suitable audio systems into houses of worship,

We have supplied both traditional and modern churches, along with temples, mosques and synagogues with the power to deliver crystal clear audio to the masses.

From a simple portable PA system to full line array speaker installation, the unique requirements of a church sound system are a speciality that we are well practised in providing.

Church Sound Systems


From the simplest wall speaker installation up to a complete suspended line array system, our specialist fitters can work with your requirements to ensure a professional result.

We can arrange electricians, high ceiling access vehicles, and structural engineers if required for any larger sound installations. Line array especially requires specific structural anchor points if it is to be suspended, and not all venues can provide this.

Our sales team will advise you every step of the way as to what’s required when planning to purchase certain equipment types.


A sound system used in modern church settings will split its time between speaking, choir use, and live band performance.

This will often involve a 2-part system, which can include wall speakers and column speakers placed discretely around the building for daily use, with a more powerful front of house system for live music.

For general prayer services, weddings and funerals, its clarity of voice and a controlled delivery that’s desirable. This is especially true in some of the larger buildings being adapted for church and ministry use, where large open spaces and high ceilings can lead to audio issues.

Audio Installations can advise you on the optimum choices for both the equipment types and their placement in the space, helping you to achieve the best results possible from the budget you are working with.

A System for Church


For the main sound system, there are options for wireless microphone systems and headset mic units that offer fantastic freedom of movement.

For those that prefer a traditional static lectern for their services, there are desktop style mic units with weighted bases and long adjustable necks, which give clear speech and excellent room dynamics even from a quiet voice.

For choirs, there are handheld vocal microphones for highlighting a performance, and boundary microphones for capturing the choir as a whole.


For live bands and musicians, the latest digital audio mixers allow multiple inputs for instruments and microphones, with assignable outputs and easy recording of live performances,

Superb mixers such as the RCF M20 are ideal for church users, and can provide everything you need for a professional sound interface.

Touch screen controls for ease of use, and a wide selection of channel assignable onboard effects, along with the highest quality microphone preamps for rich clear vocals.

Use of a mixer is also the ideal way to interface between any installed speaker system and the separate front of house PA, allowing you to control all your inputs and volume levels from one place.


The design of speakers that can be used in a church setting varies greatly on several factors, though the main two decision makers will always be available space, and of course the available budget.

For a small to medium room, you may only require some good performance wall or column speakers. With several pairs placed around a venue, the volume and sound quality will be more than capable for daily service and for live performance.

For discrete installation in traditional stone churches and listed buildings, our selection of powerful slimline column speakers from Moose Sound will blend in as seamlessly as possible, helping bring things into the modern age without looking out of place.

Speaker Systems for Church


An installed wall speaker system on its own can seem limiting for some though, and those using a live band as part of their services will generally want a larger more performance orientated PA system for the band to go through.

These can be a set of high quality active PA speakers, which offer great convenience and also provide a fully mobile audio system for those fundraising days and church hall parties.

They can be used independently, or can be easily fed the same audio feed as the house system via a mixer, giving you great options depending on the event and the size of congregation.

Audio Installations have a wide selection of PA available, with the ever popular RCF Art series speakers being a favourite of live performers for its ability to recreate with a real purity.
For really large venues that need that bit of extra push, the Amate Nitid range brings immense capability from both its 12” and 15” versions, with built in DSP processing and truly breathtaking performance.


The classic line array speakers are a desirable sound system for many of the larger ministries that now inhabit old cinema buildings and other oversized venues.

These hugely powerful speaker systems are iconic with their curved shaped bank of speaker modules, be it stood on the floor as a ground stack, or hung from the ceiling or rigging in that imposing design that’s seen on stages around the world.

Line array is now an option for many, as brands such as our popular Moose Sound have made this technology affordable with their LOUD series, or the award winning RCF HDL series, both offering amazing performance in compact array formats.

For those that want the full sized concert experience, and the capability to play to several hundred people both indoors or outdoors, our Amate Audio Nitid systems are true line array in its full sized format.

Amate line array systems offer truly staggering performance, with bass reproduction that is both heard and felt, and a sound projection that will be quite incredible in any setting.

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