If you have found yourself with an item that you bought from us over 60 days ago, refunds are no longer accepted but you can still return items to us for repair within your 2-year warranty.


You have a 2-year warranty on your purchase, this means if you go over your 60-day limit and your product breaks, you can send it back to us* and we can attempt a repair. However, if we discover that the product has a manufacturing fault that results in the item being unrepairable we will instead offer a replacement for you.

If during our investigation, we’ve discovered any user error or misuse with the item, we will instead provide you with an engineer report of the problem and advice on how to prevent future damages, as well as reach out to you to discuss proceeding further. The warranty will run for a maximum of 2 years from your purchase date. If a replacement is issued, this does not result in a new warranty being provided.

*All warranty returns that are sent back to us will be at your own cost, whether that is postage costs or any other additional carriage fees. We can reimburse up to a maximum of £20 if the product is found to have a manufacturing defect.

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