Fonestar MZ-648 Desktop Paging Microphone for Zone Amp MPZ-6480GU


Fonestar MZ-648 Desktop Paging Microphone for Zone Amp MPZ-6480GU
( LLA3714 )

( LLA3714 )

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Key Features

  • Desktop PA microphone
  • For multi-zone setups, connects to the MPZ-6480RGU amplifier
  • 6-zone assignment buttons for selecting specific areas
  • Messages and pre-announcement chimes can be stored in the internal memory space
  • Tones from a linked computer can be played
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Product Description

The MZ-648 paging microphone from Fonestar is an ideal addition to large commercial PA or background sound system installations. With its high-quality condenser capsule and included pop filter, you can make clear staff announcements with flawless vocal reproduction throughout multiple areas.

Working in compatibility with the MPZ-6480RGU zone amplifier, multiple rooms can be fit with individually controlled speakers. This desktop microphone features 6 zone selection buttons for convenient and remote control of where your messages or alert tones are played to, meaning you can make announcements to specific areas without needing to go to the amplifier.

Multiple microphones can be connected seamlessly via RJ-45, which facilitates a stable signal strength across distances of up to 100m. This connection option also allows the MZ-648 to draw power directly from the MPZ amp, as well as through the mains using the supplied power adapter.

Specific messages and alerts can beplayed through the paging microphone from your PC. With USB and RCA-AUX input options available, your laptop can be easily connected in order to select premade chimes to alert staff or customers of an incoming announcement in various commercial venues such as warehouses, shops or museums, for example.

Alternatively, this microphone features internal memory storage to save messages and chimes onto it directly. This allows for easy and instant access to alert tones designed for daily use or on a regularly scheduled basis.

Designed with a compact base and a pivotal gooseneck, this desktop microphone can be placed on your worktop without taking up much space and can be exactly aimed towards you for capturing your vocals with the best possible results.

Compatible With:

  • MPZ-6480RGU Matrix Amplifier

Key Details

  • Paging microphone with condenser capsule and included pop filter to capture vocals in great detail for clear staff andcustomer announcements
  • 6 zone buttons for playing alert tones or making announcements in specific rooms and areas
  • Chimes and messages can be stored directly on the MZ-648 mic’s internal memory
  • USB and RCA-AUX input options to play messages and alerts from a connected laptop or PC
  • RJ-45 link and output to connect additional microphones with strong signal strength over 100m, dipswtich allows master and slave settings for each mic
  • Mains power adapter included, can also draw power from the MPZ-6480GU amplifier

  • Microphone with 6 zone selector
  • Remote playback of 6 messages
  • Chimes
  • Internal memory to store messages and chimes
  • Aux input
  • For the multizone amplifier mod. MPZ-6480RGU
  • Electret condenser Microphone with gooseneck
  • 1 Balanced Mic Input
  • 1 Paging Microphone, RJ-45
  • 1 Aux, 2 x RCA
  • 1 Paging Mic, RJ-45
  • 1 PC Connection, USB B
  • RJ-45 Cable, distance over 100 m
  • 15 V DC, 0.8 A
  • 1 kg
  • MPN: MZ-648
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