Kitchen Speakers

The Kitchen is one of the most multi-functional rooms in the home, and as a result it becomes the space many families spend most of their awake time in.

Kitchen speakers come in all shapes and sizes, from small counter-top Bluetooth speakers to fully integrated ceiling speakers, there are many options available to give you ample sound when preparing and eating food.

Today’s audio systems form part of the connection of things, and any modern speakers will have wireless connection to your device as you’d expect, coupled with positive design and durable performance.

If you’re a fan of wireless control, Tibo’s range of stand alone smart audio speakers work with your network via an app to play music from your streaming service.

Other options include all-in-one Bluetooth kitchen speakers from Power Dynamics with built in amplification, which make installation a breeze. Then there’s the Systemline E50 and E100 systems, which include a sleek wall panel as well as a pair of kitchen ceiling speakers giving you control via the panel or your phone.

Kitchen Speakers

With the connection between music and food going back centuries, kitchen speakers seem like an obvious choice but they remain missing from many homes.

Now, as technology has improved, fully installed options have become much more affordable and there’s been a surge in people flocking to add audio to the busiest room in the household. Music has once again connected the culinary with the auditory, truly making the kitchen the ultimate entertaining space.


The most popular choice is to opt for something that can be simply installed and easy to connect to, and as such Bluetooth speakers have become the most affordable and suitable option in many applications.

Streaming services like Deezer, Muso, and Spotify have single button connection to Bluetooth devices, allowing you to quickly connect to your Bluetooth kitchen speakers from your phone mid-cooking and without any connection cables.

Bluetooth speakers can also link directly with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant smart home systems allowing you to connect without pressing any buttons at all, using only your voice to switch audio on or off.

Depending on the size and shape of your room, a counter-top Bluetooth kitchen speaker could be the most suitable option and the choices here seem endless.

The most recent solutions offer great performance for their small statue, as well as designs to suit your kitchen decor whilst also being considerate to counter space.

If you like the idea of portability; these exist too, with built-in batteries allowing you to move the speaker from space to space without disconnecting your device or cutting out the audio.

Bluetooth Kitchen Speakers


If counter space is at a premium, then ceiling speakers will be the best choice for your kitchen. Kitchen ceiling speakers come in different colour options and very minimalist designs, including the option to replace a down-light or two avoiding the prospect of having to cut new holes.

In smaller galley style kitchens you can get true stereo sound from a single ceiling speaker saving space in the ceilings for lighting, extractor fans and windows; however larger kitchens can better suit mono pairs of ceiling speakers to give a better dispersion of sound.

If high performance is your desire, then kitchen ceiling speakers will offer the most affordable bang for your buck.

Audio Installations have supplied and fitted Kitchen speakers for more than 10 years, and whether you’re looking for a small stand alone system or have a huge project to incorporate sound into your smart audio system, we have the experience to guide you through the options available.

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