Multi Room Speaker Systems

An audio revolution has occurred in the last 5 years, giving us more connection options than ever to connect our favourite tracks to various audio outlets throughout the home.

Multi room systems have become the ultimate gadget toy for your household, and big tech names such as Google and Amazon have thrown their mighty R & D departments into producing game changing options to fuel this ever growing market space.

Having audio connect seamlessly from room to room is the aim for most manufacturers, and technology improvements in the last few years have led to some fantastic and affordable options which fulfill this aim unequivocally.

A true multi room speaker system will allow you to play music in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room all at once; from multiple sources or a single source, and in any combination.

You will be able to play different tracks in different rooms, or create zones playing different music in your bedroom and en suite to what is being played in your lounge and kitchen.

It will also combine different speaker types, so you might have a portable speaker in the bedroom, a multi room ceiling speaker system across the rest of the house, and some hidden outdoor weatherproof speakers in the garden; all playing seamlessly from multiple devices in any configuration.

Multi Room Speaker Systems


Connection of your multi room speaker system can be made via WiFi, Bluetooth, or hard wired LAN cabling and there are pros and cons for each option.

Wifi gives you the flexibility of cable less connection, but running several speakers over WiFi can put a big strain on your network causing drops and data latency.

Bluetooth has wireless benefits that won’t have such a big impact on your network, but you will have to put up with the odd phone call jumping over your audio, and there’s a limited range of around 10m for Bluetooth in many devices.

A fully installed LAN cable connection will put the least amount of pressure on your network and is the most reliable, but this can be quite a big project to run cables everywhere which can be quite costly in whole home audio systems.


The trend towards ever more minimalist design means that Multi room ceiling speaker systems are becoming more popular with households that traditionally chose large boxes on furniture or wall mounted speaker variants.

Ceiling speakers come in all shapes, colours and sizes, and offer excellent performance coupled with subtle design to remain heard but not seen, with thin beveled edging and cabling all neatly hidden away in the ceiling cavity.

As part of your multi room ceiling speaker system you can include surround sound for your TV to give amazing sound reinforcement to your movies, whilst also combining stereo ceiling speakers for bathrooms, and down lighter speakers in kitchens; all with the added benefit of having the most reliable connection over LAN.

As well as the huge tech companies mentioned previously, there are multi room speaker systems available from specialist audio companies that deliver better results and for more affordable pricing.

Multi-Room Ceiling Speaker System


Take the Systemline 7 for instance, which has cable-connected amplifiers giving the benefits of LAN connection, but then goes a step further by having net servers which hold your playlists reducing the need for an internet connection entirely, with the option of still using streaming services when you want as well.

You can connect multiple amplifiers together for the various rooms you have which work in unison to provide what we think is the most reliable multi room ceiling speaker system available.

Other options for hard-wired connections come from Nuvo with their whole home audio system, or Tibo with their Bond 4 range, which allow for localised hard-wired amplification directly to your network giving the reliability you want but for a very attractive price.

Both systems still offer the benefits of all good multi room ceiling speaker systems in regards to streaming audio and multi room configuration, but most crucially, they won’t suffer from dropouts.

This makes the Nuvo and Tibo systems an excellent choice for both their features and their cost, making whole home audio systems affordable for every household.


Every home is different, and how we use our homes is different still, which is why choosing a whole home audio system that meets your needs can be a complex task.

If you like to stream music from app services such as Spotify or Deezer, but like the idea of portability in one space and fixed installations in others, then it takes a little more planning than a standard multi room ceiling speaker system for example.

Likewise, if you’re someone with a large catalogue of music saved to a hard drive and rarely use digital streamers, a fixed wired system with inbuilt servers could be the best way to go.

By connecting your whole home audio system in an app, you have control right at your fingertips from anywhere in the house.

If it’s too loud in the bedroom; turn it down from wherever you are; or perhaps you could do with more bass in a specific room, it’s as easy as 3 clicks to increase it.

Whole Home Audio System


Multi room speaker systems are now on the cutting edge of technology and are helping to reinvigorate our connection to music in what seems like a non-stop busy day-to-day lifestyle we all now have.

The revolution is well and truly happening right before our eyes and everything that wasn’t possible in a whole home audio system 5 years ago is now a reality.

Audio installations have been supplying speaker systems for more than 10 years and have seen the changes first hand as new products and technology have been developed.

We have not only created plans for installers, but also installed systems into homes, businesses and offices giving them complete audio solutions at the touch of a button.

Whether it’s smart speakers, ceiling speakers, garden speakers, or whole home audio systems including all of these speaker types, our experience in putting it all together can be extremely valuable to your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a multi room speaker system?

A multi room speaker system is made up of multiple speakers that connect to your network. These days many systems feature smart technology and can be easily controlled through an app, enabling you to play audio in different rooms at the same time, either from a single source or from different sources. For example you could be listening to different music simultaneously in your bedroom and kitchen. There are a great range of systems available to suit every household.

How do you connect your device to a multi room speaker system?

Your smart device will usually connect to a multi room speaker system through WiFi, Bluetooth, or wired LAN cabling, each of which has its own benefits. Wifi is the most popular choice, and provides flexibility with no cables needed. However, running several speakers may put a strain on your network. Bluetooth is also popular, and has the benefit of no cables, but has a limited range on many devices. A LAN cable connection is reliable and puts the least pressure on your network, however it involves running cables.

How can I play the same audio in multiple rooms?

A multi room speaker system enables you to play the same audio across all the connected speakers in the house. Many systems include a multi-zone amplifier that will enable you to select the zones that you wish to play audio in. Often a downloaded app on your smart device will also allow you to control the speakers and send audio to multiple output zones. You can also choose to play different songs in each room at the same time.

What is the best multi room speaker system?

The best multi room speaker system for you will depend on your particular needs. Every home is different, and will suit varying types and numbers of speakers. Also consider your usage requirements, for example will you mainly be streaming from online services or playing music from a harddrive? We provide a range of excellent quality systems, so please get in touch with our Audio Installations team to discuss the best system for you.

How many speakers do I need in a multi room speaker system?

The number of speakers needed in a multi room system will vary significantly depending on the size of your home and the individual rooms. A small room such as a bathroom may only require one compact speaker, while a kitchen may suit two ceiling speakers. As a guide, each ceiling speaker provides a coverage area of approximately 25 square metres. Please note that each speaker will need to connect to an amplifier or active speaker.

How do I set up a multi room speaker system?

The exact set up process for a multi room speaker system will vary depending on the type of system. In each area of the home you will need to connect an active speaker or amplifier to your network, or alternatively connect a multi-zone amplifier. Passive speakers then connect to the amplifier/active speaker. Once connected, you can control the speakers via the amplifier controls, or with smart systems through an app downloaded on your smart device.

How do you control a multi room speaker system?

A smart multi room speaker system can usually be controlled through a recommended app, or through Bluetooth on your smart device. Once you have downloaded the app, you can use your device to control the speakers in each room, choosing what to listen to in each area and adjusting the volume. The amplifier will also include easy to use controls, and will usually feature a remote control so you can operate at a distance.

What types of multi room speaker system are there?

There are a great range of multi room speaker systems available to suit every home, and we offer a wide selection. The types of amplifier and speakers used in each system will vary. Ceiling speakers come in many shapes and sizes, and are a popular choice in multi room systems due to their discreet look. Wall mounted speakers and garden speakers are also common. Different speakers are often used in combination, for instance ceiling speakers in the kitchen, and hidden outdoor weatherproof speakers in the garden. Many systems now include smart technology and a multi-zone amplifier, allowing you to independently control each zone.

Can a multi room speaker system be connected to a television?

Yes, a multi room speaker system can be connected to a television. A television can be connected to an audio input on the amplifier supplied with your system, or to an active speaker. Modern televisions may also feature a Bluetooth transmitter, allowing them to send audio wirelessly to your Bluetooth enabled speakers.

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