Systemline E100

The elegant design of the Systemline E100 has been created to blend in seamlessly with the modern home.

Its classic stainless steel controls and black gloss display ape the larger appliances and fittings of a stylish kitchen perfectly, ensuring that even in a prominent wall mounted position, it is never out of place.

It’s free from the superfluous buttons and lights of a normal audio system, enjoying a simplicity of design and functionality that makes using the E100 a real pleasure.

Systemline E100


The Systemline E100 is a real blend of the old and the new, bringing you push button presets and easy channel search over its built-in FM radio.

Though analogue instead of the more modern digital DAB services, there is still a large following for FM broadcasts, including the popular independent and local stations around the country.


This E100 also brings you access to the wonderful world of DAB radio, which offers hundreds of digital channels including world broadcast stations and specialist listening channels.

The E100 includes both a standard DAB receiver, and the more recent DAB+ system to ensure you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

DAB+ is a greatly enhanced format of transmission, replacing the MP2 audio of standard DAB with the far superior AAC+ format, which provides hifi quality sound even at lower digital bitrates.

Systemline E100 DAB+ Radio


The Systemline E100 uses the latest Bluetooth technology to receive audio data from any paired source device.

This can be music from a smartphone or tablet, be it an iOS Apple device or an Android based device, and the music itself could be stored media files, or a live steam direct from your favourite service such as Spotify or Tidal.

The E100 includes AptX Bluetooth support for Android users, giving the highest CD quality audio, meaning your streamed music will sound as good as can be.
Bluetooth audio provides total freedom. No longer limited to tracklists of a CD, or the MP3 playlist hooked up via a headphone jack cable. Streaming services on mobile devices, mixed with the powerful world of Bluetooth, and you have your music exactly when and where you want it.


Designed especially with kitchens in mind, the inclusion of large soft-touch push buttons for the major system controls is where real world functionality wins.

These stylish buttons are quite happy to do the bidding of an elbow when your hands are covered in cake mix, and youre reading a recipe off the same tablet that’s streaming your cooking music.

You don’t need to handle it at all, as the button controls have effect over all the audio sources, be it the DAB radio, your Bluetooth device, or even the TV which can be wired into the E100s auxiliary input to allow its sound over your speakers.

Being a mix of glass and stainless steel also means that the unit can be cleaned easily, should you happen to need to change a track quickly with cooking hands.

Its IP54 rating allows it to happily live around the moisture and general grime of daily life without issue, making it ideal for what is always the social hub of any home.


Keeping with a minimalist yet modern design approach, the Systemline E100 features a classy OLED display screen, which allows the text to stand out from a black background, free of the brightness of a phone display or backlit system that would be distracting when mounted at eye level.

This display works great with the built in FM radios RDS data, and for the detailed information that the enhanced DAB radio networks provide.

For added convenience, it also provides a clock, with both sleep timer and alarm features, and the Bluetooth name for the unit can be changed, allowing easy identification should you have several E100 in a home.

Systemline E100 OLED Display


The E100 contains a high performance digital amplifier system to provide the very finest level of enjoyment from its playback.

Its stereo output is rated at 18W per channel, which when coupled to a set of high quality ceiling speakers or wall speakers, will give a surprising level of volume, coupled to a rich and detailed hi-fi sound.

The E100 features adjustments for both treble and bass settings, allowing you to cater the overall sound to your specific tastes.

Systemline recommends the excellent ceiling speaker systems from Q Acoustics as a perfect match for the E100.

The award winning sound quality of the Q Acoustics ceiling speaker range is unmatched for home audio applications, with suburb clarity and surprising bass response from a ceiling unit that brings it strongly into hi-fi territory when coupled with a unit such as the Systemline.


The Systemline E100 has been designed to provide a visually striking look, due to its fully installed requirements.

Using the industry standard ‘dual gang’ socket spacing, the system can easily be included in both brick or cavity style walls during a renovation, allowing it to become part of the furniture of the home.

The E100 requires connection to mains power, the speakers it is to operate, and of course an aerial in order to utilise its FM and DAB functions.

For this reason, an obvious choice is to locate your E100 near to any wall mounted TVs you may have in the kitchen (or wherever the system is going), as this will give you access to both power and a suitable aerial feed, together with allowing the connection of the TV audio into the E100 easily.

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