Warehouse PA Systems

Used for supplying both music and announcements to the various working areas, a dedicated warehouse PA system is an important part of daily working life.

Commercial warehouse premises are generally large buildings with high ceilings and no internal walls. This in itself dictates the design and layout of any audio system that will be effective.

Speaker choices and placements must be well planned to ensure coverage is evenly spaced, and other warehouse specific requirements such as tannoy and paging systems must be integrated.

Audio Installations can work with you to design and build the ideal sound system to cater to all your needs, from simple background music to staff paging and emergency announcements.

Our experience with commercial audio systems and large school campus installations allows us to offer the very best advice, while our available range of speakers and amplifier systems have been carefully selected for their features and reliability in a working environment.


Music is an excellent way of creating a harmonious atmosphere, especially in a larger building where employees can feel a little cut off if working alone for long periods of time.

The silence of a building, mixed with the noise of fork lift trucks and general conversation can become quite fatiguing on the senses after a time. Music from either playlists or the radio can help the day along and lift spirits.

The speakers suited for a factory or warehouse can be a mixture of wall speakers for bays and packing areas, with longer throw horn or pendant speakers to fill in the larger open spaces.

The popular 100V line audio systems are well suited for commercial operations, with plenty of power and the convenience of easy installation of multiple speakers.

These systems offer everything from FM and DAB radio, Mp3 playback and Bluetooth connectivity, providing every option you will need for music playback throughout the premises.


For paging of staff members there are several options available depending on the type of audio system that’s being installed.

With a standard 100V line system, paging from the main unit can be done using a standard microphone, with many systems offering muting of any audio playing whilst the talkover function is in use.

With a larger more complex matrix amplifier system in place, these announcements can be designated to the specific zones on the system, or output over the entire system, again muting any audio playback automatically.

For really sizable factory or warehouse locations, an Audio over IP system can be specified, which will allow any microphones, or suitable voip telephone system to operate as a tannoy system.

This type of system allows any connected phones or microphones to make announcements, similar to the systems used in large retail stores and supermarkets.

Audio over IP also allows easy connection of separate buildings and offices into a single audio/paging system, and can solve many issues that can arise when trying to use an analogue audio system over larger distances.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best warehouse PA system?

At Audio Installations we can help you design the perfect warehouse PA system for your needs. 100V line audio systems are popular as they allow multiple speakers to be installed easily, and enable paging with a standard microphone. For larger warehouses a multi-zone system would be desirable, allowing announcements to be made to specific zones. Whilst Audio over IP systems are ideal for sizeable locations, and allow separate buildings/offices to be connected on a single paging/audio system.

Do I need a warehouse PA system?

A warehouse PA system is used to provide music and announcements, and often includes paging and tannoy functions. It can provide background music to create a positive working environment and energise your workforce, and often includes features such as DAB radio, Bluetooth and MP3 playback. It is also useful for paging members of staff and making emergency announcements.

How much does a warehouse PA system cost?

The cost of a warehouse PA system varies substantially depending on the size of your workspace and your requirements. A smaller warehouse will need a simple amplifier and a small number of speakers, while a bigger area would require a larger number of speakers and possibly a multi-zone system, which would be more costly. Our team at Audio Installations would be happy to discuss your requirements and provide an idea of cost.

How do you set up a warehouse PA system?

Setting up a warehouse PA system requires careful planning as commercial warehouses are generally large with few internal walls and high ceilings. Usually a mix of wall speakers and horn or pendant speakers will be used. Once these have been installed they must connect to the amplifier system provided, along with a microphone. You will then be able to control the speakers and make announcements from one location.

What speakers to use for a warehouse PA system?

Warehouses tend to have high ceilings and few internal walls, so the speakers to be used need to be carefully considered. Usually wall speakers are mounted in bays and packing areas, while horn or pendant speakers with a larger range are used in big open spaces. We offer a range of speakers and amplifier systems that have been carefully selected for their reliability in a working environment and their features.

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