Wireless Ceiling Speakers

Modern homes and businesses are all about clean design and a focussed aesthetic, with the latest wireless ceiling speakers fitting into that requirement perfectly.

Discrete flush mount designs and paintable grilles allow a seamless integration into the colour scheme and style of any location.

Bringing you high quality music playback over both Bluetooth and WiFi connections, a set of wireless ceiling speakers is an ideal upgrade for both older audio systems and desktop speakers.

Wireless Ceiling Speakers


So, wireless speakers don’t have any wires at all then ?

Well yes and no is the answer. What the ‘wireless’ in the name on all modern smart enabled speakers refers to is how it receives its audio signals.

This can be a Bluetooth connection from a mobile phone or tablet, or it can be a WiFi signal that includes the speakers as part of a larger network.

There are two distinct types of ceiling speakers being sold as wireless on the market today. Both use either Bluetooth or Wifi for their audio signal feed, they just differ in design.

The first type of wireless speakers require a power supply in the ceiling to function, as they operate in pairs, with one being active (built in amplifier), whilst the second speaker is a passive (non powered) type.

The two speakers are connected together in the ceiling using standard speaker cable, and the power connection to the active unit can be from a fused mains supply, or via a spur from the lighting. Everything is contained in the ceiling with this design.


The second type of wireless speaker systems, such as the popular Systemline E50 for example, doesn’t require power in the ceiling, only standard speaker cable. The amplifier is instead contained in a wall mounted controller unit, so both speakers in this system are passive designs.

This does mean that the speaker cables must be routed out of the ceiling and down a suitable cavity wall to the control unit. So, each of the design types has its pros and cons depending on your particular installation.

Currently, there simply is no such thing as totally wireless speakers

In order to operate, be it wall mounted or built onto the speaker itself, the amplifier for the system needs to have power.

This is also true of the Bluetooth or WiFi receiver modules that the different smart audio units are using for their signal.

Battery power is just not an option, as it would be totally impractical to be removing battery packs from ceiling speaker positions in order to recharge them regularly.

Wireless Speaker Systems


The ever popular Bluetooth connection has revolutionized the way we listen to music. It provides a unique freedom of movement, allowing the playback source device and speaker system to be completely independent, and untethered by traditional cable connections.

With the advent of internet based audio streaming services available on smartphones, you can transmit songs, playlists and radio stations to your wireless Bluetooth ceiling speakers with ease.

Standard Bluetooth pairing means anyone you choose can connect in seconds, so perfect for the kitchen or lounge where guests can share their latest album with you and the kids can play their favourite songs.


Many of the latest Bluetooth ceiling speaker systems include compatibility with Amazon Alexa smart speakers, allowing you to bypass the small speaker of say an Echo Dot, and instead have it play through your installed ceiling speakers.

With a range of approximately 10m, a set of Bluetooth ceiling speakers offers high quality music playback in a stylish package.


Internet connections to homes and businesses include a WiFi hub as standard, which is easily extended around a property to provide complete signal coverage.

Unlike Bluetooth which is a direct link from device to speaker, a WiFi speakers receiver connects onto the larger network, and the speakers becomes a selectable device.

Wireless WiFi speakers operate through a custom app such as the popular Muzo or TIBO ones available for both iOS and Android devices.

These smart audio apps are the heart of a Wifi speaker system, and give you the ability to play music from your online streams or stored media across multiple speakers at the same time.

You can rename rooms or ‘zones’ for easy identification on the app, and different audio sources can be sent to the various zones at the same time. This is a unique feature of WiFi based audio systems and makes them the preferred choice over Bluetooth for a multi-room installation.

The other big benefit of Wifi is its signal coverage, which is far greater than the 10m Bluetooth currently offers. It is also far more stable, with less interference and signal dropouts to interrupt the music.

Wireless WiFi Ceiling Speakers


Units such as the Systemline E50 and E100 have led the way in this more bespoke installation market, being extremely popular choices for modern kitchens and bathrooms, and giving that real designer look with their glass and metal touch panel control.

These smart ceiling speaker systems have the amplifier and electronics contained in a compact wall mount unit. This then feeds to the speakers using standard speaker cable.

This allows installers great flexibility when it comes to speaker choice, as wall mount speakers can be used inplace of ceiling units if required. Waterproof or moisture rated speakers can be fitted for bathrooms and outdoor patio areas.

The wall units themselves offer a classy aesthetic, with the E100 offering DAB+ radio and brushed stainless steel controls, while the E50 loses the radio but gains hand gesture control and a full glass front.

All the Systemline E series are moisture-proof, so are perfectly safe in kitchens, while the E50 White gains an IP54 rating for use in bathrooms and wet rooms.

Operating via Bluetooth connection, these smart audio systems allow easy music playback from phones and tablets for quick use and convenience. The systems also include auxiliary audio inputs to allow the routing of a television’s sound.

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