100v Line PA Systems

100v Line or Constant Voltage speaker systems refer to networks of loudspeakers which are connected to an audio amplifier using step-up and step-down transformers to simplify impedance calculations and to minimize power loss over the speaker cables. In short it is a high impedance system that allows for multiple loudspeaker installation from a single amplifier, the amount of speakers used will depend on the power rating of the amplifier and the power tapping options of the loudspeaker.

For Example:

15 x Wall mount speaker/ceiling speaker @ 6 watt tap setting = 90w - This would require a minimum of 100w amplifier as the total speaker power rating should not exceed 90% of the amplifiers total power rating. The speakers can be installed into multiple zones (rooms) from a single zone amplifier with the use of attenuators (volume controller) to control volume in each zone, or alternatively installed with a multi zone amplifier such as the Clever Acoustics MA 4120MP 4 Zone Mixer Amplifier.