Ceiling Speakers

Ceiling Speakers

The use of ceiling mount speakers gives you the ability to have the music you want in any room without having obtrusive speaker boxes mounted on walls or stands.

Ceiling speakers are perfect for blending in with your decor, be it in your home, or for commercial premises such as a restaurant or retail shop, and an in-ceiling audio system gives you total flexibility of speaker placement for the best sound coverage in any room.

Ideal for discreet audio installations in churches, temples and mosques, ceiling speakers can give you the perfect balance of clear audio distribution throughout a large building, and when wired to a suitable multi-zone amplifier will allow you to have different music in each of the rooms or ‘zones’ by using multiple audio sources.

Audio Installations range of ceiling speakers are available in several specifications to suit your specific installation design and the speakers intended location, with speaker sizes and volume ratings to cater for the smallest background music system to the largest commercial audio installation.

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