Frequently Asked Questions

Buying Information

What are the delivery charges for online orders?

Delivery is free 1-2 days on all orders to the UK Mainland. For more detailed information on next day and Saturday services, please see our delivery options page.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept Mastercard, VISA, and American Express credit cards. We also accept Switch and Maestro debit cards. You can also pay using PayPal, either from your balance, or via a linked card or bank account. If you are visiting the store to collect in person, cash payment is also accepted.

How long will delivery take?

Our standard delivery is on a 1-2 working day service. Next working day and Saturday deliveries are available at a small fee.

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

All orders will receive a detailed invoice sent to your preferred email address.

What exactly happens after ordering?

Once payment is confirmed, orders are sent to our warehouse team to be picked, inspected, then packaged. Orders received before 1pm will be sent that day, with later orders leaving the following day. We use recorded courier delivery services which are tracked and insured.

Do you offer Finance?

Audio Installations have partnered with Klarna Finance, providing our customers a simple checkout based set of payment options to choose from.

Technical Help

How do i connect speakers to a 100V amplifier?

You should connect speaker cable from the COM and 100V outputs on the amplifier, follow the COM cable into the COM connection on the speaker and the 100V wire into the desired wattage tapping on the speaker.

Can standard speakers work on 100V line systems?

Yes if desired. There are transformers available which will enable you to convert them to 100V line operation.

Everything is connected but im getting no sound?

Check your source audio device is playing correctly. Bluetooth devices must be paired, and the volume raised on both devices. For sources connected using audio cables, ensure the cable is connected correctly at both ends. Ensure that the amplifier is set to the correct channel to play back the connected source. If the speaker has binding posts or spring terminals, make sure there is a clear connection between the metal section of the clip/post and the copper of the cable.

I cannot connect to Bluetooth

Make sure you have the correct mode selected first, and are in range usually within 2-3m when first connecting, then go to your settings and search for devices and then pair. Some devices will automatically output their pairing signal, whilst others may require a button to be pressed. Always refer to the units instruction manual for the correct Bluetooth pairing procedure.

One channel on the amplifier is not working

Check the connections to your speakers at both ends to ensure they aren’t loose or clamped onto the cables sheath instead of the copper. If the connections were good but still nothing, you can swap over the two speaker cables. If the problem shifts to the opposite channel then you have a faulty speaker lead. If it remains the same, then you need to check your input cable. to do this, swap around the two inputs (sometimes red/white, swap these so they are red-white and white-red). Does the problem shift channels? if so then the source cable is faulty. If the cables tests reveal no obvious issue, its likely a faulty amplifier channel.

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