Fonestar FSD-4500E 100V Multi Zone PA Power Amplifier - 4x 400W


Fonestar FSD-4500E 100V Multi Zone PA Power Amplifier - 4x 400W
( DDA1599 )

( DDA1599 )

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2 Year Warranty & 60 Days Returns Included

Key Features

  • 4-zone power amplifier
  • 400W RMS power for each output zone allowing speakers to be installed in up to 4 areas
  • Each output can be switched between 70V or 100V line system setups
  • Multiple safety procedures featured to ensure continuous safe operation
  • Four input channels allow CD, DVD or MP3 players to be connected
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Product Description

The FSD-4500E from Fonestar is a multi zone amplifier designed for use in large commercial settings such as factories, warehouses, and sports facilities. There are four distinct input channels, allowing you to connect several audio devices such as DVD players or MP3 players to send various audio signals to different sections of your building.

This 100V line amplifier, which operates at 4x 400W RMS or 2x 480W RMS, allows you to connect a large number of speakers to each output channel in a daisy-chained wiring arrangement. The total number of speakers that can be used with the amplifier is determined by the power rating of each speaker.

This installation amplifier's four output channels can be adjusted between 100V and 70V operation, enabling you to select the power output per channel to work precisely with the passive speakers you are utilising with the amplifier. Because both 100V and 70V operation are possible, speakers may be connected a long distance away from the amplifier without affecting the signal or audio quality.

This multi zone amplifier has a number of safety features to make it safe while in continuous use on a daily basis. These include forced ventilation with variable fan speed based on the amplifier temperature, peak signal indicators, and GPIO fault indicators, which alert you when the amplifier is being driven too hard or when something has been wired wrong.

This 100V line amplifier has a DANTE extension port on the rear that is compatible with Fonestar's FSD-22D expansion module. You can use this to connect the amp to a LAN network and then manage the audio signals using specialised software on a computer device, eliminating cabling in the setup while providing a quick method to alter settings and route the audio signals to your needs.

Compatible With

  • Fonestar FSD-22D DANTE Expansion Module (RRA6011)

Key Details

  • Multi channel amplifier
  • Four channels with 400WRMS per channel
  • Switchable between 100V or 70V operation
  • Multiple safety measures for continued safe operation
  • Independent volume control per channel
  • 2-Year extended warranty

  • 4-channel PA power amplifier
  • 100 V or 70 V output for PA installations
  • Highly efficient and reliable class D amplifier thanks to low-maintenance protection circuits
  • Safe and easily connectable euroblock connectors
  • Excellent sound quality and little noise
  • 4 x 400 W RMS or 2 x 480 W RMS (with single channel of either A/B or C/D)
  • 4 balanced/unbalanced aux lines, euroblock, 20,000 ohm/10,000 ohm, 0.9-1.1 V RMS
  • 1 emergency/test, euroblock
  • Weight: 6.1 kg
  • Dimensions: 483 x 44 x 360 mm depth. 1 U rack 19"
  • MPN: FSD-4500E
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