Fonestar TDO-45 Invisible Hidden In Wall Speaker


Fonestar TDO-45 Invisible Hidden In Wall Speaker
( BBA4197 )

( BBA4197 )

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Key Features

  • Hidden in-wall loudspeaker
  • Built-in 100V and 70V transformers
  • True 40W RMS power rating
  • Non-directional output caters to large spaces
  • Plasterboard panel installation with supplied accessories
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Product Description

Introducing the Fonestar TDO-45 invisible speaker, an advanced audio solution crafted for commercial applications like waiting rooms, restaurants, shops, and offices. This revolutionary speaker is specifically designed to deliver high-quality background audio while remaining hidden within the walls. With its discreet and concealed design, the TDO-45 seamlessly integrates into any commercial space, ensuring a neat and unobtrusive audio installation.

The Fonestar TDO-45 offers outstanding sound quality, creating a pleasant ambiance for customers, clients, and employees alike. Engineered for background audio purposes, this speaker provides a balanced and crystal-clear audio experience that enhances the atmosphere without overpowering conversations or activities. Whether you're creating a relaxing environment in a waiting room or setting the right mood with background music in a restaurant or shop, the TDO-45 ensures seamless and professional audio delivery.

This in-wall invisible speaker allows you to optimise your available space and maintain a clean aesthetic in your commercial environment. By seamlessly integrating into the walls, this speaker eliminates the need for bulky equipment or visible wires, offering a clutter-free and visually appealing solution. Your customers or clients will appreciate the unobtrusive audio experience while they focus on their activities or conversations.

The concealed design of this hidden speaker allows for discreet installation in plasterboard surfaces, effectively vibrating the surface to achieve broad sound coverage. It features 70V and 100V transformers with a 40W RMS rating, enabling compatibility with various amplifiers and systems to cater to different requirements.

Elevate the ambiance of your commercial space with the Fonestar TDO-45 Concealed In-Wall Speaker. This professional audio solution is perfect for waiting rooms, restaurants, shops, and offices where background audio is crucial. Experience the seamless integration, exceptional sound quality, and discreet design that the TDO-45 offers, and create an inviting environment that leaves a lasting impression on your customers or clients.

Key Details

  • Hidden in-wall loudspeaker that is designed for commercial spaces like restaurants, shops, and offices
  • Built-in 100V and 70V transformers allow the speaker to be integrated into various systems
  • True 40W RMS power rating, ensuring compatibility with different amplifiers with a good sound output
  • Non-directional output caters to large spaces such as restaurants while keeping the speaker fully concealed
  • Plasterboard panel installation with supplied accessories for easy installation and a discreet look

  • Power: 40 W Rms
  • Drivers: 4
  • Response: 140-20,000 Hz
  • Impedance: High Z 100V Line: 250 Ohm. (40 W)
  • Sensitivity: 90 Db ±3 Db At1 W/1 M
  • Dispersion: 180º
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Dimensions: 300 X 400 X 50mm Depth
  • Weight: 1.5 Kg
  • Optional: Tdo-45 Box: Installation Box
  • N/A
  • MPN: TDO-45
Customer Reviews
Product Questions
What are the dimensions of this product and is it suitable to be mounted in a ceiling as well as a wall?
Question by: Jake Elson on 8 Jun 2023, 12:10
The panels are 300mm wide, 400mm tall, 50mm deep. We also have the matching back box which enhances the units bass performance and makes mounting easier -

They are designed to be plastered over, so can be located anywhere, including the ceiling.

Feel free to give us a call for more detailed advice - 0203 326 0903
Answer by: Glenn Newton on 8 Jun 2023, 15:39
0203 326 0903