Systemline E50 + 8 x Ceiling Speaker - Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker System

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  • Systemline e50
  • Systemline e50
  • fonestar 16ohm speaker
  • Systemline e50
  • Systemline e50
  • fonestar 16ohm speaker


Systemline E50 + 8 x Ceiling Speaker - Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker System - Comes with 8 x 16ohm Fonestar GA-266 6.5" Ceiling Speaker - the system can run mono or stereo - 50m Speaker cable included

Installed Bluetooth music system with touch and gesture control with TV audio / auxiliary input
Systemline E50 from Armour Home has been crowned a ‘Top Product’ award winner in Professional Electrician & Installer Magazine’s 2017 reader poll.

The awards, selected on the level of interest and enquiries generated by PE’s 70,000+ readership, are recognition for those manufacturers and suppliers that have made a real difference to the electrical contractor’s ability to get the job done efficiently, safely and professionally, whether this is in the form of innovative products, tools or time-saving solutions.

PE Editor, Richard Bowler said: “Our annual awards are a great way to reward those companies that have come up with excellent ideas to help electrical installers and businesses overcome common problems in their everyday work or open up new profit streams. Systemline E50 from Armour Home is therefore a very worth winner of one of our 2017 Top Product awards.”

The first impression of an installed E50 is one of gloss-black elegance, but it does not stop there. This is because not only does E50 feature touch sensitive control but also contactless hand gesture operation. This is particularly useful in locations such as kitchens, where not having to touch a panel whilst kneading the pizza dough is of obvious practical benefit.

E50 is a pleasure to use, because it is so easy and has a number of important benefits over standalone Bluetooth speakers

  • No clutter – E50 is built into the wall or kitchen cabinet
  • Touch sensitive panel and contactless gesture control
  • Built in Bluetooth audio receiver – which facilitates robust wireless music streaming from any suitably equipped smart phone, tablet or laptop
  • Superb sound quality with superior stereo sound stage delivered from separate left and right installed ceiling speakers
  • Direct line input: There is an easily accessible front panel mounted jack socket
  • TV sound connection
  • Elegant design with an attractive gloss black finish
  • Wipe clean – not a dust and grime collector

E50 With Speakers

What's included:
x 1 E50 Touch Panel
x 1 Mounting Frame
x 1 Dry Lining Back Box
x 1 Power Supply
x 1 Power Extension Cable (5m)
x 1 Speaker Cables (50m)
x 8 Fonestar GA-266 Ceiling Speaker

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