Systemline E50

Systemline produces two award winning solutions for the wall mount home audio market, the E50 and E100. Both of these systems share a number of features, here we are talking about the E50.

As selected by readers of the Professional Electrician & Installer Magazine’s for a Top Product award.

The Systemline E50 is a perfect example of how to achieve a modern day music system in your home at an affordable price. If you are looking for a stylish wall mount solution for your kitchen or even something IP rated against moisture for use in a bathroom, the E50 offers these features and many more.

So what is an E50? The E50 is basically a stereo hifi system that has been shrunk down to fit inside a 2 Gang (Double wall socket) space. The main features it has are the Aux line input on the front and rear and Bluetooth connectivity for streaming audio. The internal amplifier gives enough wattage to run up to 4 ceiling speakers at a good volume level.

This combination allows you to connect it to practically any device that uses Bluetooth, such as mobile phones or tablet computers and also smart systems like Amazon Alexa. Or to connect with a 3.5mm jack cable into any other device with a stereo output such as a TV.

Systemline E50


Simple to install and operate, the E50 comes supplied with it’s own backbox for fitting into your wall.
All connections are done with a quick fit Phoenix plug connection system for the speakers, on the back there is also an extra Aux input.

Once installed you should have no wires visible (unless using the front AUX input) which is a key factor in creating a clutter free installation.

Should access to the connections be required, it is a simple task to remove the fascia and access the back panel.

The low voltage power supply that comes with the unit has a cable length of over 5m to allow access to it after installation which offers peace of mind for the future.


Operation of the E50 is one of it’s best selling points, the ultimate in simplicity itself.
The E50 uses a touch sensitive pad or a contactless gesture control system (which can be turned off if not required).At the touch of a button it is a simple thing to adjust volume, skip tracks on connected bluetooth devices or pause playback.

Switching from Bluetooth to your Aux input is as simple as a button push or a wave of your hand. The gesture control system is particularly useful in instances where you may have wet or dirty hands and don’t wish to actually touch the device. You can achieve a number of different operations from the E50 from just waving at it.

The Bluetooth connection is the latest in the technology and offers great bandwidth and streaming distance. The device name can be modified to give a unique reference in case you have multiple units installed in the house, this is great to avoid confusion.

Systemline E50 - Simple Operation


The E50 is available in a choice of gloss Black or White finish to allow it to integrate into modern surroundings, the colour choice does also make a slight difference to the performance of the unit.

The Black finish unit has a 3.5mm AUX input on the front of the module for allowing quick access in plugging in your devices if needed, it still has the aux input on the rear of the unit as well, but the front takes priority if both are connected.

The White unit is missing the front AUX port, this is due to it having a higher level of water resistance, and having a hole in the front is not ideal in this case. What it does mean is that the White edition is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms or areas that may get a little wet or steamy.

The E50 is usually supplied with either 2 or 4 QI65CB ceiling speakers from Q Acoustics These are perfectly balanced to give the best performance with the power output from the E50. Although any low impedance speakers can be used. Audio Installations have packages with everything you could want, from single stereo speakers to go in a bathroom, wall mount speakers or even outdoor IP rated speakers for the garden. We also supply 2 zone switches allowing you to run the system into 2 rooms.

Systemline E50 - Modern Design


The E50 has a nice feature which allows the output to be switched to mono, this is great if you are only looking to install a single speaker or an odd number of speakers in an area. In mono operation the E50 outputs a combined mono sum to both the speaker outputs meaning you get both the left and right channels combined on a single output.

To sum up, the E50 is the first step into the market of the Systemline smart audio. For the user that is looking for a simple yet elegant and compact design to fit in with the modern household.

With unrivaled sound quality in the price bracket, you will not be disappointed at the value for money.

Simplify your sound and join the E50 users.

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